Wilde (Oscar Wilde) 1997 The movie – Part 3 – 12

Part 3 of 12 Director: Brian Gilbert Synopis: Based on the best-selling biography by Richard Ellman, this unconventional biopic traces the brilliant, witty, and tragic life of Oscar Wilde from his rise to fame as a much-in-demand author and public speaker to his downfall and ultimate imprisonment for homosexuality. Irish-born and homosexual, Wilde (Stephen Fry, in a critically lauded performance) nevertheless takes a loving wife (Jennifer Ehle), with whom he has children. While married, he becomes aware of his true sexual identity after a chance encounter with an aggressive house guest. This leads to a very public affair with vain, rebellious young Lord Alfred Douglas (Jude Law), the son of the Marquess of Queensbury (Tom Wilkinson, IN THE BEDROOM). Despite an astoundingly successful writing career, Wilde’s private life lands him in prison for “gross indecency,” a synonym for homosexual behavior, which was illegal in England at the time. Here is the playlist: www.youtube.com

25 thoughts on “Wilde (Oscar Wilde) 1997 The movie – Part 3 – 12

  1. Love isn’t blind, it’s deaf, because Jude Law can’t sing at all haha!

  2. Why is Oscar sleeping with everyone? I liked the Canadian guy. He was so cute! Now he’s with Mr. Fantastic? *smh*

  3. If you look at Bosie’s photograph on Wikipedia. he’s the spit of Jude Law.

    I don’t know about Bosie, but Jude definitely can’t sing.

    “Isn’t he killing, Mister Wilde?”

    Well he’s definitely killing anyone with a good ear for musical talent!

    “He loves me, fah-lah-lah-f*** off.”

  4. The guy with no shirt at 0:01 is so beautiful and then i remember “holy shit” that’s Mr. Fantastic!

  5. @rdgloveshouse
    yes, why is he wearing pants? I feel that that’s so inconsistent with the affection they show…

    And god… Jude law can sing like angels (and I don’t even believe in angels… so that’s saying something). Been singing that song for days now… what with that look in his eyes!

    They were perfect for their roles weren’t they? Simply gorgeous

  6. I love the way they used the Selfish Giant. You expect it from the other Wilde works, but this was done so well. They don’t have to explain the consequences of everyone’s actions and the implications, they just read the story.

  7. You could just see the emotion in his eyes when he was singing and looking at Oscar <3
    Stephen and Jude's performance in this so far is absolutely brilliant and I'm not even half way through yet x
    This is the role Stephen was born to play, wasn't it?xx

    ... 9:45 ....Stephen's wearing pants... =S

    hehe Stephen at the end sitting in the chair without a shirt is a lot hotter then I expected (although I have always found him attractive) lolx =D

    luv him xx

  8. :O great song! is jude really singing that? if he is he is a great singing, and the hottest to XD

  9. I know it’s irrelevant, but would anyone happen to know the name of the piano piece that plays in the beginning? It’s beautiful.

  10. Oh that’s William Wilbeforce, Mr. Fantastic, Lancelot or I shall say the actor’s name Ioan Gruffudd

    who would have thought that his first role was a gay one HE is a great ACTOR
    Oh Dr. Watson is there too XD

  11. I bet stephen fry enjoyed having jude law on top of him like that

  12. This movie is casted SO well!
    I still don’t see why they didn’t have Jude Law play Dorian in Dorian Gray last year. He was what first came to mind for me!

  13. @tiemedown Haha! I think that’ll bring out the borat in ANYONE!

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