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There is a mass move taking place towards the acceptance of mediumship. More and more programmes are being launched which explore the facets and use of mediumship, it is society itself which has planted pre-defined fear of the genre which also includes the huge potency of society’s fear of death. What if life on the physical plane was merely an ‘experience’ selected by us? If we experience what mediumship has to offer and we find real evidence, evidence that is beyond doubt then how will that shape the thoughts we have about life.


Once you experience the magic of what mediumship  – whether that be a face-to-face reading or a phone medium can do using a recommended site like for an evidential reading facilitated by a phone medium reader, then you have chosen the best person for the job and I guarantee this will prove to be of tremendous benefit to you.


An interesting movement in interest is males are now becoming more open to all things psychic and medium related with many companies reporting an upturn which now includes them. I personally am aware that more and more men are attending medium demonstrations where the mediums, often trained by the SNU to expert level stand on platform and give a verbal demonstration of mediumship by tuning into member of the audience and giving them messages.


The age old argument rages on about whether we should in the eyes of God be contacting the spirit side and that this may be dabbling with familiar spirits which are in effect evil, I would say to this that the messages that come through are always loving and supportive and in fact contain evidence that allows the person who has lost their loved one peace of mind and joy at knowing their loved one not only survived death as we all will but is watching over and giving advice and love.


If the messages that came through from the mediums channelling were evil or nasty in intent then I would agree with the philosophy of the church.


Of course mediumship as a genre is not for all and most certainly in some cases not for the faint hearted.


What I would recommend is learn by your own experience. Find a company and ask for their top medium, if you cannot travel there are a wealth of online mediums right across the UK who can help and incidentally a medium reader can tune into you just as easily as a face to face reader, the preference is ones own.


The final thing to remember is the spirit side will not appear magically on request, they will communicate only if they want to, bear this in mind when having a reading and open your mind to the possibilities that exist.

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