2 thoughts on “What is the best resource for questions regarding the Esoteric mental health needs of children?

  1. Well I used to read a lot of books by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa and what he used to say about children (he died in 1981) was that when they acted up and didnt want to go to school they should be forced to go to school as this is what would make them more useful to society.

    He also stated that the tv was an idiot box (I wonder what he would have thought about the internet) and that too often children were extremely spoiled and should be made more responsible for their own actions.

    If anyone committed suicide then they would be returned once more to the earth under worse circumstances than what they had been living in prior to their suicide.

    And he also stated that some people were given disabilities not because of a punishment but because they may have done so well so easily in past lives that they were given a ‘handicap’ in order to give them something to overcome in life which would earn them more points.

    TLRampa said a lot of things that were and are common sense. He was a medical doctor, and a monk.

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