First Step of Spiritual Path: Vegetarianism http Acharya Shree Yogeesh says that the first step to be on the spiritual path is to be vegetarian. Vegetarianism is very important as it teaches on to respect, love, and be one with all living beings. Without being vegetarian, a person will always be mentally, emotionally, and physically imbalance thus making the spiritual path hard to progress in. No one can reach the highest states of samadhi, enlightenment, or self-realization, without being vegetarian. By eating meat, a person collects karma. It is suggested to eat vegetables, grains, and fruits as these living beings are in a “vegetable state” and do not feel pain. Spiritual Blog by Disciple:

25 thoughts on “First Step of Spiritual Path: Vegetarianism

  1. I knew that killing animals to eat was just plain wrong so I stopped eating dead flesh. My intuition told me that I needed to do this & I did. Most people talk about how much they LOVE animals, but when you ask them how they can say that & still eat them, they become hypocrites & make some lame excuse about humans being “at the top of the food chain” and god said we were to do this (which is a lie). Any excuse will do to avoid changing & becoming responsible people. Too bad for them.

  2. how does Acharya Shree feel about eating root vegetables, where harvesting kills the plant?

  3. I agree with some of the things you are saying, but it was very long and repetitive. It’s not necessary to say the same thing again and again, otherwise it sounds too forceful… almost like persuasion.

    Ghandi? Albert Einstein? They are not me. I don’t have to follow them or their ways. I will go my own path.

    That being said, I would like to try vegetarianism.

  4. You are right. I think the Media and false advertisements brainwash so many people. Just like they said Processed Dairy Milk was good for you and other dairy products. Dairy products are horrible for us.

  5. By your logic, if your neighbour was snatching small children off the street, killing them and making sausages out of them, you would have to eat the sausages because he was “proud” of their taste.

    Putting effort into doing something (like butchering pigs) does not justify doing it at all.

  6. I think vegetarianism is great. But it would not be suitable for eskimos or bedouins, both living in lanscapes vertually without any vegetation.

  7. Plants have no brains, or nerves, so they are unable to be self aware, or to experience any sort of physical input. Also, if you dont eat them, they will just rot slowly. That kind of “death” is worse than a quick consumption.

  8. I believe it was like that for quite a long time. Like everything else I believe the first cooked meal was an accident. And they thought wow this is better than eating it raw. A one shot kill is not torture. Cats torture mice and birds. I have much respect for the deer and turkey I harvest. Our first clothes came from animal skin did they not. Native Americans were shaman and they were hunters too were they not. They were very spiritual people.

  9. Its just the capitalism machinery at work and the media/advertisements are their process engineers…always maximising its efficiency in brainwashing and bombarding our minds with “Whats best for you”s!

  10. I support vegetarianism not because of spiritualism. You can erradicate famine being a vegetarian. Just do the math…How many kilos of grain do you feed a chicken, pig or a lamb to get 1 kilo of meat. Find the ratio and you will know how much of grain is being spent for the sheer pleasure of tasting the meat of any kind. Al the grains wasted could stop the famine in Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia & etc.
    You could try to at least reduce the meat intake per week. You could make a difference!

  11. Respect for Life is first of all respect for your life source. It doesn’t mean that no animal should be killed because some animals can only eat other animals. That is their life source, and they respect their nature. But Humans don’t respect their nature which is herbal, as we are primates. Many who claim that meat is necessary to eat are just egoistic people who love meat for its good taste, cooked&spiced.I’d love to see these people hunting an animal with their bare hands and eating it alive.

  12. Most humans dont have the ability to think-just look around you, morons butchering each other over whose imaginary friend is the best and all other sorts of evidence that alot of people arent thinking at all. To think, would be to consider the implications-clearly, they arent.

  13. Plants dont feel pain ?

    Plants do not have any way to express pain, but they have always expressed a willpower and desire to life. Flowers have angled their stems and grown around walls to reach sunlight, defying physics and gravity. Though they cannot get up and move they will grow in a way to make themselves get food – is that not in a way a very, very primitive form of instinct, which in animals we give the honor of being called “thought”? Something only humans truly have, per se?

  14. The best thing I ever did was giving up meat…I respect ALL life & I love animals…we can learn a lot from animals, they are nature at its best & I have seen animals behave better than humans on many occasions! 🙂

  15. I really think vegetarianism is the way to go against animal cruelty. What I found interesting was Tsem Tulku Rinpoche, in his video, The Joy of Liberating Animals on Youtube, advised his students to turn vegetarian to create the causes to build an animal sanctuary or shelter. This is to show their commitment to care for animals instead of just saying they care. We dont really care for animals if we keep eating them every meal!

  16. There are certified humane dairy farms and many uncertified dairy farms that take great care of their herds.You rarely find them in the supermarkets though.

  17. In a situation like that, tell him that you are very flattered but you have chosen not to eat animals. If his mind is accepting, he won’t be offended.

  18. my neighbor, a farmer in portugal offers me homemade sausage from pig that his wife made.
    HE IS PROUD OF THE QUALITY: shall I refuse and say this food I cannot accept? you do wrong eating meat?? just another aspect:-)

  19. This so true, iloveterriers.

    You touched on a couple of good points. I have experienced resentment, anger, condescendence, mockery, interrogation, insults, hostility and more by everyone from complete strangers to family when they learn that I do not eat meat.

    I think they truly are in bondage and choose to view us as weak as it makes them feel better in their blind mind’s eye!

  20. start weaning them with veggie burgers, veggie dogs with all the trimmings. That is the easiest first step, because I am guessing your kids like all kids eat these foods.

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