Hermetic Gnosis: Secrets of Spiritual Hermeticism

Philosophy and spiritual path of Hermetic mystic union with Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrology. More information at www.renaissanceastrology.com

17 thoughts on “Hermetic Gnosis: Secrets of Spiritual Hermeticism

  1. @renaissanceastrology excellent video and rebuttal …its very easy to mistake ones ignorance for wisdom. Hopefully the original poster read your reply and got something from it, I know I have.

  2. You would be correct if the ultimate purpose of alchemy was the production of gold. However, while true traditional alchemy is not 100% psychological like the modern New Age version, neither is it 100% materialistic like modern science. The purpose of alchemy is the production of the lapis philosophorum, the philosopher’s stone which has amazing physical properties, but more importantly effects the spiritual transformation of the alchemist who creates it.

  3. alchemy is pointless. for if some one did make gold from a rock, gold would become as useless as a bag of pennies! i suppose we could make shiny ashtrays from it!

  4. Nice video I don’t believe in magic but some of it seems so true!

  5. (¨*•.¸(‘º•.¸(¨*•.¸ ¸.•*¨)¸.•º’)¸.•*¨)
    «.•°•.. ॐ ..•°•.»
    (¸.•¨* (¸.•º(¸.•¨* *¨•.¸)º•.¸)*¨•.¸)

  6. Magic does not seem to interest me all that much, However I am interested in my mental and spiritual growth. I have spoken to a few men who consider themselves Illuminatus, although I am not entirely sure they may be lying. I request assistance, please describe illuminism in detail if it indeed exists. If I intend to instigate the pursuit of knowledge what path shall i take?

  7. Start by reading Copenhaver’s translation of the Corpus Hermeticum and Fowden’s “Egyptian Hermes” Then save your pennies and take one of my courses!

  8. Would anyone recommend a means of learning more about this for the financially challenged ;o), a series of books, lectures or such like, I have felt a calling for some time now, but still not sure how to progress?

  9. that phrase was written by hermes trismegisto on the emerald table and traslated by isaac newton as it is.

  10. Thank you very much renaissance, I am grateful to have moved through the Kabylion and to find myself watching your video =) ~Namaste

  11. very interesting vid.
    here is another
    Altered States -Stephan Hoeller

  12. the truth is to be discovered by yourself and when you find it inside your mind you will know how the universe works, as above so below ; ) I love it XD

  13. Actually during the Renaissance, Hermeticism had a reasonable level of acceptance by the Church. There is a picture of Hermes Trismegistus in mosaic on the floor of Siena Cathedral!

    Christopher Warnock

  14. Thanks for going into one of the major parts of my beliefs. And to think we would once be burned at the stake.

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