The Business Side of a Spiritual Path

Most dancers will tell you that belly dancing is a spiritual awakening of the soul. Others awaken from a deep sleep and learn what it is like to really live. For myself I became a little girl again and understood what becoming a woman was really all about.

With each move we learn, grow and when we put together combinations and create dances and choreographies we show the world our knowledge of who we are. Each choreography represents our path and how much we change with the seasons. Dance gives us that connection to mother earth but what happens when we become successful and we forget our purpose?

As of lately I have felt that I have forgotten my dance purpose which started out as a passion so intense that it engulfed my life and choices. I did it because there was nothing else I knew I was suppose to be doing. Today as a woman older and wiser I smile at this younger version of myself and wish I had half her determination.

It’s not so much that I don’t feel the passion, it’s just that I have had to become a business woman to keep my dance going. I enjoy what I do, I just realized that sometimes the spiritual path takes a back seat to the business side of dance.

I’ve been wondering of late if the two can co-exist with each other or if by nature they need to be separate?

If we look at Cleopatra she was a good business woman. Egypt prospered under her rule and she was the embodiment of Isis through out her life. Perhaps there is much to learn from this because our temples never die out if we carry within us the fires of our passions.

After so many years I am wondering if my temple fires were forgotten. And I think it happened slowly so I didn’t see them ebb. Looking back at where I stand today I can see that the one thing that was so natural for me to keep going when I was young became the same old routine as I got older. The fires didn’t change…….I did.

It occurred to me that what I have to pass on to dancers that come my way is a way to keep their fires burning.

It became clear to me that our spiritual path has to be full of our hopes, aspirations and dreams. The business side helps to make all of these a reality. So in a way they co-exist together as a parallel team. So keep the passion that burns inside you fresh and new. Remember the best part of your path is the journey along the way. Just remember why you walk your path so that you always keep inside the reason for dancing. When you make your dreams come true the business side just reinforces that you have always been on the right path.

Leyla Najma is a professional belly dancer with 25 years experience teaching and performing as well as writing articles for “The Chronicles” a bellydance magazine.

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