Intro to Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology)

This is an excerpt from Dr. Overman’s series on the Alternative Treatment of Cancer. Here he explains the fundamentals of applied kinesiology, or muscle testing. For more information on these and many other natural health related topics go to Theinformation made available to you in this video has been suggested to help you maintain optimum nutritional health by the use of food supplements and herbs. It is in no way to be considered as a prescription, treatment, or remedy for any disease. We operate in the realm of health, for information about disease and drugs see your medical doctor.

25 thoughts on “Intro to Muscle Testing (Applied Kinesiology)

  1. Muscle Testing is not TCM or related to meridian theory. Science acknowledges that the body is connected to the brain by various networks and that brain damage interrupts those network connections. Also the brain is a bank of all the incoming sensory data most of which our ‘mind’ is totally unaware of at any point in time. The body is able to access this information with yes/no answers in a muscle test which either leaves the network intact (strong) or breaks the circuit (weak). Test it!

  2. SIMPLY: All your body is build with molecules and atoms. We all know from physics that’s the energy. That means we all are just the energy. THose who deny energy crap and all methods based on working with energy are actually denying their own existence. Now that’s STUPID, isn’t it NODODON?

  3. 60% percent of all healing is placebo according to science. The best chiroparactors use A K. Alternative medicine is an old term as it is now often called complementary medicine as western & eastern medicine often compliments each other as no form of medice works for everybody and certain types work better for various ailments. U S doctors have to chose a mosdality of “alternative medicine” now to complete their degree. That wouldn’t happen if it was B S. Yes there are always some quacks.

  4. acupuncture when it works is by a combination of placebo and known neurophysiological mechanisms,nothing to do with meridians or energy of any kind.I have less of a problem with acupuncture,its AK I was criticising mostly.Alternative medicine has clients because people are stupid with regard to scientific matters and its cheaper.

  5. There are acupuncurists working with doctors in just about every hosptal in America and many European countries. What energy ? ask Albert Einstein lol The reason why natropaths, acupunturists etc have lots of clients is because it works. You are misguided as they have proven many times that there is more electrical energy in the body where the acupuncture points are than anywhere else. I don’t want to waste my time explaining this to you as you are not willing to learn.

  6. what energy,what imbalances?No tcm lad can ever answer the most basic questions.Thats why science dismisses it.

  7. direct me to the stuy showing any energy medecine or AK to work,it doesn exist.If krebs uses it hes mistaken and in the extreme minority amongst educated people

  8. Energy is the lowest common denominator of everything so it makes sense to learn about energy. Acupuncture is all about restoring energy imbalances to boost the immune system so that the bodys’ natural healing system is unblocked. e.g. when you cut yourself your body is meant to heal but if that cut doesnt heal then there is obv a problem & instead of giving you drugs with many other side effects, tcm/acupauncture will attempt to find where the energy imbalance is, and restore that imbalance etc

  9. Yes it has and a chiropractor designed it. Also Dr Charlse Krebs (kreb cycle) uses it, he is also a scientist.

    But it is not 100% acurate as nothing is.

  10. Nutty shiite.

    I like how everyone thinks that because they’re persecuted they must be telling the truth. Do the Mormons come to mind?

  11. Wait what is he doing at 6:10? Anyone tried that? Doesn’t do anything, whatever he’s doing.

  12. Has anyone noticed how FEMINIZED the men in these things always are? What’s up with that?

  13. i’d like to lite that beard on fire, and then muscle test this quack.

  14. “All truth passes through three phases: first, it’s ridiculed; second, it’s violently opposed and third, it’s accepted as being self-evident.”
    – Arthur Schopenhauer

  15. AK has never passed proper testing,do you know differently?If AK is not based on scientific principles then it doesnt exist.Energy medicine is a crock of shite .Acupuncture isnt energy medecine,its neurophysiologically based.

  16. janeeyre,if it cant be proven then it shouldnt be used to treat people,it is sciences responsibility to monitor bullshit like this so lay people will not be harmed or their money wasted .The concept of a god is another crock of shite.

  17. client response is not evidence,even freshmen in medical school know how to appraise research critically.Senior AK practitioners are invariably quacks so their testimony is invalid.

  18. you then are a very foolish person,AK is a totally unproven method dismissed by almost every legitimate scientist.

  19. Another soldier in the war against reason. You use terms like “third eye” and call the other guy childish? What century are we living in?

  20. Nikken is not just Brainwashing methods, magnetic devices that affect directly your Brain using the Earth Shumann frequency, it is also sorcery, spell after spell.
    People learn to use kynesiology to demonstrate the products but when you apply to detect witchcraft on the Nikken products, you discover the voodoo present, the macumba

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