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  1. @6XstringXsamurai Now his son is taking over the business and worst of all my tax dollars are supporting this fraud, because he is peddling his lies and confusion on public television this is a travesty.
    Do you know it? Stop favoring someone without knowing him.

  2. @6XstringXsamurai @6XstringXsamurai ;you know Deepak Chopra is a dangerous charlatan who grabs ideas from all religions mixes them with New Age lies and sells them to lost people, making millions in the process, which he uses to buy hair dye. I would love to debate him or at least post to his blog.

  3. @6XstringXsamurai ; Thats not a good reason. Look at Krishnamurti Foundations, K’s work is free for everyone. If someone is selling the truth, thats not the truth.

  4. @thakursubhash unfortunately nowadays it’s impossible to survive by giving things away and doing favors. everyone needs to make money to make a living. start working for free and see what happens

  5. Mr Deepak, Truth is to be shared not to be sold! For me it seems like you just changed your profession of selling drugs to selling truth.

  6. @kimbow555 You must understand, some people are just idiots. And there is no cure for someone who will not listen. Even when you look up the word…IDIOT here is what you get: Psychology. a person of the lowest order in a former classification of mental retardation…….. no cure for that, never will be:)

  7. I can’t believe some people are running Deepak down. He knows what he’s talking about it. He wouldn’t be speaking out if he didn’t. The truth always hurts and that’s why the doubters can’t stand what he is saying. Keep your foul mouths to yourself and not open it here thanks.

  8. Chaylayn, what you says it´s really true, if people could just open their mind, they could see a real faith in our own mind, soul ( enery ). It´s not being intelligent to understand this highly flow of energy information, everyone is intelligent, but with a mind closed, theirs no intelligent to release. In this cases people need to give a chance and perceive a differente opinion about life, of by people who dedicated their entire life studying helpful methods to feel in balance in this world.

  9. I believe only highly intelligent open minded people actually understands and comprehends what Deepk Chopra speaks about. He actually speaks about humans. NOT cars, tvs, computers, toys, techno, whatever else you all worship.

  10. So wake the f*** up to democracy and freedom of everything you f***ing conservative pieholes! You hate on jawas sandmonkeys, you bomb them 24/7 and make fun of Mohammed in your cartoons and shit…and yet suck their cocks behind the scenes. Same as Brits took Pakis as slaves and raped India, now deepaki chopshop baller! WTF! Hitler flew the nazi flag ontop of the eifel tower and showed how frogs POS, then now everyone thinks paris is cool and french people normal. WTF?!

  11. White people already have the bible and jesus and Jehovah and shit. But that’s not good enough. They have to get gay with pakis, chinks and other f***ed up women oppression, backwards, f***ed up cultures to go backwards in time like total nutbags and dipshits! Nice one you f***ing honkeys. This is God talking and God thinks his whole human race and mankind is super f***ed up! Just like a parent having a f***ed up kid…

  12. For a f***ed up paki that smells of curry and stinks of cow c***, he sure making white people into total twats by his 7-11 Karma Sutra bullshit! This is the Jesus of idol worship, he comes from a f***ed up religion and f***ed up fob country, that full of women oppression, child slavery, incest and shit, and he makes white people who are way more smarter by a way more advance society into total fruitcakes and doormats with his ‘basic principles of life”

  13. Deepak is such a copy cat and so full of shit that its almost comical. His son is following his daddy’s ” easy money yap, yap, yap ” footsteps ! He is not genuine at all! He became rich by bullshiting people! What has he manifested in his life besides millions of $. Is this what his” pure potentiality ” is all about? “Survival for the fittest” ? or the greediest ? Deepak, shut up!

  14. this guy does not bullshit, he speaks the truth, otherwise why would his shows sell for 15,000$ a seat to the rich and the famous, its true what he speaks about it but you need a huge understanding

  15. Its not a good thing to believe in bullshit to make you feel good. You might as well take a shot of heroin. Its just as useless.
    Chopra’s bullshit on evolution is completely wrong, it only takes a basic understanding of evolution to see that. Buy a book on basic genetics and evolution by a real scientist is my advice and see how it really works. Even an educated layman can easily debunk this stuff. Perhaps thats why you dont see him on a science meeting because hed be the laughing stock.

  16. Yes, we are one. i can proof that and we do that with Etimespace videos.


  17. Thai kick boxers kick down banana trees with thier shins to calcifty the bones so they wont break when they fight.

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