12 thoughts on “What would you say is the difference between Religion and Spirituality?

  1. It is DEFINITELY not the same thing.

    Religion is a WAY to believe.

    Spirituality is my connection with God.

  2. Religion can marginalize spirituality, but spirituality can sometimes be a meaningless mishmash of feel-good platitudes.

  3. Religion is man attempting to reach God, spitituality is Gods way to reach men and women.

  4. Spirituality is something that everyone has. It comes with being sentient. Also, religion can be a very good way to channel your spirituality and use it appropriately. However, the Spirit of Religion dampens spirituality to a point where it is almost non-existent. They differ in the fact that Spirituality is a state of being, where as religion is a way of expressing or channeling a person’s spirituality. God Bless

  5. Be wise in charity and love, and love your enemies in wisdom.
    How could you be more perfect?

  6. Religion is a certain way some people will use to come closer to God (or so they are convinced).
    Sprituallity is our own PERSONAL way to encounter what is above the laws of nature (as each of us knows about them), reason it and incorporate the signs of it in our life.
    Definately Religion is a drastic stop to Spirituality, since it obliges all followers-believers to act in the same way and think in the same way on various matters just like saying there are (for example) 1,000,000 mental copies of a person

  7. religion = attempts to explain the unexplainable with imaginary rules and regulations
    (the root word is “to bind”, after all)

    spirituality = viewing existence as more than can be directly sensed (the physical); for example connectedness between all living things, and even some interpretations of quantum mechanics

  8. Religion is someone’s way to separate you from your money. Spirituality is what you feel in your heart .L Ron Hubbard said if you want to make a million dollars, start a religion. He went on to start the church of scientology.Nuff said?

  9. Dogma.

    Spirituality is a search while Religion is a prescription given by others. It is akin to the difference between picking up an instrument and playing by ear or taking formal classes in music.

    I all things we can either take the time to figure out our own solutions or rely on the advice of others. Spirituality is the former while Religion is the later. It is not a case of right or wrong simply how much time. effort and ability do we have in seeking the solutions to problems.

    The effect of religion on spirituality is to give it a pre-set channel to follow. A person will follow this path usually along with others on a pilgrimage of the soul to find it’s bliss. This is a danger since it limits a person’s view like blinkers. In childhood it can be good to give a sense of direction and discipline but in later life it must be shed so new avenues can be explored sincerely.


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