What’s with atheists and their unicorns, flying spaghetti monster and fairies?

What’s with atheists and their unicorns, flying spaghetti monster and fairies?
Why can’t they see that thse aren’t the same as god.
Why do you think so many people believe in GOD but not those retarded mythological creatures??? BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT THE SAME!

28 thoughts on “What’s with atheists and their unicorns, flying spaghetti monster and fairies?

  1. No, they’re not the same, except in one key aspect:

    There is EXACTLY as much evidence for the existence of all of them as there is for the existence of your God.

  2. Keep telling yourself that, pumpkin.

    Appeals to popularity won’t get you anywhere with rational people.

  3. The point is that there isn’t one more shred of evidence for your sociopathic god than there is for any of those other mythological creatures.

  4. There’s an equal amount of evidence for the existence of unicorns as there is of your god.

    The same.

  5. Alright then. I’ll take it another step. Prove that the Hindu gods don’t exist. (I asked you this on another question exceot with unicorns)

  6. So provide any sort of objective and’or empirical evidence that they are not the same, similiar or even closely related.

  7. What’s with Christians and their invisible overlords and their Jewish zombies?

  8. I agree with you. But most atheists are pretty childish and cant handle that some people are very happy because of their religion. So they have to fill the void by making up nonsense like that. I just treat them like any other person with 5 year old mentality and let it go.

  9. And yet the cultures that had stories of fairies and junk totally believed in them…

    They are the same. No matter how much you tell yourself it’s not.

  10. It is an argument for atheism, when we are asked why we don’t believe. The thing is that we are not claiming anything without fact. When someone encourages us to believe in God we ask for proof or substance. And we usually get how do you know that there isn’t a God? On that logic how do you not know there is an invisible pink unicorn? You obviously can’t see her, but she is pink and unicorn.

    Bernard Russell once said that he believes that there is a teapot orbiting jupiter. It is just so small that we cannot see it with telescopes. If we make better telescopes he just argued that the teapot was smaller than he predicted. The teapot theory sounds dumb because it is not supported by anything that can be verified and the initial premise without explanation of how a teapot got there is lacking. Likewise, premise, explanation of mechanism and proof of existence lack in the theory of God.

  11. Some atheists suffer from anti-social personality disorders. They use these phrases in an attempt to provoke an angry response.

  12. Once upon a time…
    I killed a unicorn on my spaghetti-monster horse…with my lollipop sword…

  13. Yes, yes they are. Your god is just as retarded and just as mythological. People are morons.

  14. Quick question. Let’s say you have a sister, and someone says that she’s never been to the moon. Do you get offended? No, because it’s not true (aka, absurd); you don’t get angry at someone who tells you “tables don’t exist”. So why are you offended by things that you, yourself claim are “not true”. You should be laughing at them. This indicates a part of you either doubts in your own faith, or a part of you actually believes that there is even one person out there in the world who is honestly worshiping a plate of spaghetti (may His marinaric wrath spare me for suggesting it).

    Maybe you’re not the intellectual type. Try this one on then. Which makes more sense, that a spaghetti monster or a unicorn created everything or that it went down like it did in the Bible? Let’s look at what the Bible has to offer via the Urban Dictionary:

    The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

    On a final note, people who call other people “retards” are mud-flingers (aka, they may miss what they are throwing at but they’ve already dirtied their own hands). Have a sit down with your holy whatever (imam, pastor, priest, nun-stripper, whatevz) and get some actual guidance instead of spending your time trolling.

  15. Why do you believe in God? Why can’t you see that your God is not the same as the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Thousands and thousand of Pastafarians cannot all be wrong. There are an enormous number of testimonials evidencing its Truth. Lack of Pirates being the cause of global warming (a principle tenet) is undeniable. Do you really think it is a coincidence that global warming has reversed for the last ten years at the same time the number of pirates have increased after many decades of decline?

  16. You say they’re not the same… how? Because the Christian God was invented earlier than the FSM? That doesn’t make him any less fake.

    Sorry to break it to you, mate, but there’s nothing there.

  17. oh jesus you just dont get it. you christians cant get satyre can you…..

    i guess your referring to Richard dawkins, and these phrases he uses…. he’s saying that there is as much evidence to these existing as a higher power, as there is to “god”. and your saying that “they r not the same as god” but what evidence is there that god is anything?…… there’s a book. just as there is a book about fairies….

  18. Why do athiests waste their lives saying ” we evolved from” or “those evolved from” Look at the facts fairies are imagination, The Bible is real and God did created the world. I do not care what athiests throw at me, because it doesn’t even make sense. how did the humans intellegence come to be. God created us to watch over animals and God created us in his image

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