25 thoughts on “Cannabis Tincture Recipe by Sweet Baby Ruth

  1. @toldoff sitting infront of a fan for 48 hours and being 120% alcohol its all going to evaporate

  2. @loosifur
    it gets you more high because it is absorbed through the liver and blood so it last longer and more intense high

  3. @demmylowther Yes! Pharmaceutical co. lobbyists and liquor co lobbyists pay our congressmen and senators and so our government works for big Pharma, the alcohol industry, insurance co.’s, etc…….. NOT FOR US! TELL YOUR CONGRESSMEN WHO THEY WORK FOR!

  4. put a rubber band over the cheese cloth. it helps.
    or not. whatever

  5. Sativa cerebral, alert that will keep you awake at night! Indica body stone, couch lock that will put you sleep, that’s the one to use for night time…pain… a true medicine! Cannabis and alcohol not a good mix unless all the alcohol evaporates.

  6. Actually, sublingual means “under” the tongue.
    And I think it’s that stronger vodka that “knocks her down”, not the sativa.

  7. @Djarmapunk62 where can i get food grade glycerin im looking to create some massive concentrated stocks of this for me and my dog

  8. @OGdank13 yea i caught that to, she said sativa puts her to sleep, i think he got it backwords

  9. @stephenTHEDESTR0YER When you take oral cannabis, the THC is absorbed slowly enough that most if not all the effect experienced is produced by the 11-oh-THC after first state metabolisis. The differences in oral sativa and indica tinctures is within placebo range from my experience.

  10. this is a horrible video, dark has nothing to do with the process.
    watch a better video if you wanna make greendragon this is garbage.

    haha listen to how shes talking, for sure not sober.
    im betting shes ripped or drunk

  11. It’s a shame that where I live, this nice lady would be arrested for her “crimes” and possibly be sent to the department of connections. I plan on moving to Nevada in a couple of months 🙂

  12. I agree, a sativa would be best during the day. An indica would help at night. And what is up with the “bilingal” tincture? Since when does a tincture speak in two languages or even at all? LOL

  13. Sativa is just more of a cerebral high vs indica being more of a sedative. Both will help you sleep.

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