What’s the difference between making a tincture and just eating the same amount of the herb?

I’ve been making a tincture of parsley to drink every day, and it tastes quite terrible – is there any specific benefit to drinking the tincture of it, or can I just eat a salad or something with the same amount of parsley I’d use to make the tincture?
Oops, realized that I didn’t quite state my question – will I get the same benefits of the tincture from just eating the parsley?

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  1. They will have similar benefits, after all, parsley is parsley… a tincture is just a different form that’s in a higher potency.
    If the tincture doesn’t taste very good, just eat some parsley or take a couple capsules worth (especially if you don’t like the taste of the straight parsley).

  2. The purpose of the tincture is to provide you with a concentrated form of the herb, so that you can benefit from a more medicinal form of the herb. It also allows your body to assimilate the herb more rapidly as well as allowing you to more accurately measure how much you are taking at any time.

    You would likely have to eat alot of the herb to acquire the same amount of benefit, .. but you could certainly try it that way and see how well it works for you.

  3. Hi, there. I agree with both of the above answers. An alternative to the tincture would be to make a very strong infusion (tea) and drink that throughout the day. You could sweeten it with honey or stevia to make it taste better (avoid using white sugar or artificial sweeteners). This won’t be as strong as a tincture, but will make it much easier to consume 2-4 cups of parsley per day. In the longrun, though, the tincture may actually be cheaper and it is MUCH more effective. It is ok to blend the tincture with water … have you tried that? Another method for taking tinctures is to put some water in your mouth and tip your head forward so that the water pools under the tongue and behind the bottom teeth. Then drop the tincture into the water, swallowing quickly, and following with a big drink of water. That works for me and is a lot less effort than other alternatives.

    Good luck!! I hope you receive some answers that help!

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