Help plz with psychology?

1)Advocates of therapeutic touch claim that this alternative therapy heals sicknesses from headaches to cancer. Skeptics, however, claim that the healing power of this therapy can be explained by

a)energy fields.

b)placebo effect.

c)body heat.

d)magnetic forces

2)A psychologist examining a person with avoidant personality disorder will look for a pattern of

a)distrust and suspicion of others.

b)exaggeration of the person’s own importance.

c)behavior that seems bizarre from what society views as the norm.

d)social inhibition and hypersensitivity to negative evaluation.

3)A person suffering from mania may begin to feel grandiose, which means

a)having inflated self-esteem.

b)experiencing episodes of sudden fear.

c)feeling a fear of being alone.

d)having recurring involuntary thoughts.

4)Which option is a chief characteristic of antisocial personality disorder? disinterest in extroverted activities

fear of social relationships

lack of conscience or morals

suspicion of others’ motives

I think its:

4)B tell me or correct me thanks:D

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  1. 1. B – If the person truly believes that the therapist is able to cure them by manipulating their energy field, then their mind might create a false sense of well-being in order to satisfy the expectation. It’s just like when tests are done when they give people sugar pills instead of medication – some people who take the sugar pills claim that it is working when it is really all in their head.
    2. D – Avoidants really want to be social, but they are hypersensitive to the opinions of others, so they usually cannot make friends due to an irrational fear of being rejected.
    3. A
    4. B

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