Spirit Guides?

Is anyone in touch with their Spirit Guides? Do you commumicate with them regularly? Do you ask them things or just sit and have a chat? Can you help me understand them better?

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  1. hi Lily,

    yes, yes, and yes.

    when i talk to guides it is usually to gain understanding for myself about myself or situations around me. when i first started working as a clairvoyant i had guides that would give me information about another person to help them gain a better life.

    now i tend to go into look for help to give me insight into my life so i can develop. i do not use a particular guide now i ask for help and someone comes along that knows a lot about what i need to know. i have been very grateful for all the help i have received.

    what i know:
    guides will not tell you what to do, ever.
    a guide will likely bring your awareness to what you are doing
    and you will not always like this
    guides are always loving
    they have fields of expertise gained by their own development
    working with guides can be difficult but at the same time immensely satisfying
    it is easy through intention and practice to gain a good communication with a guide, you will always start with someone who can communicate well on your level.
    guides are to encourage you to reach your highest potential as a human being

  2. Yes, I’ve been in touch with my Spirit Guide for 3 years now. We don’t talk as frequently as we have in the past, but that’s just because I’ve been so caught up in life lately and haven’t been as open. I need to change that! I’ve found that the best way to communicate with her is to just let her talk and not ask questions. She knows my heart and what will be beneficial for me to know. When I first started talking to her I would ask questions, but I found that my subconscious would sometimes interfere and the message would get skewed. If you want to contact your guide, pray and always surround yourself with the light of God’s love before opening yourself up. God bless!

  3. Hello Lily


    Not everyone meet with their guides, but they are about you at all times. You have many of them.

    Meditation is the best route & patience x


  4. Usually, I don’t sit and chat with my spirit guide, although I wish I did. I know he’s always there but he’s rather quite and doesn’t talk unless it’s important. That’s just how he is though. He talks to me every couple of months to let me know that I’m still on the path I need to be on. He’s rather like a father who let’s me make my own decisions and mistakes, but if I get off course he guides me back. Maybe the reason my guide and I don’t talk as much as some others is that I knew him in a couple past lives so we have a deep level of communication. I can tell by feel what he wants me to know, I guess you could say.

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