How To Classify A Fairy

Mythical creatures include many different kinds of fairies and if we have an open mind we are able to communicate with them. You need a sense of humor when talking with these mythical creatures because humor is an important part of their life. This is the reason they talk in riddles and play jokes on each other. Once you have opened your eyes and your heart to the fairy realm you will find life much more fascinating!

Fairies wings are made of shimmering light, emotion and energy. Fairies don’t really need wings to fly because they are self- propelled and these are created for our own mind. The eyes of a fairy are often very deep in colors of green or blue. Often these eyes can seem cold when you look into them. This is because fairies eyes reflect our own feelings back at us.

Fairies are usually classified by four major groups based on the elements of the earth. There are earth fairies such as the gnome, water fairies like the mermaid and fire fairies include the fire drakes.  Air fairies consist of pixies and all winged fairies.  A simple system can be used by calling them either good fairies or bad fairies!

Do fairies really exist and if so has anyone ever seen one? Before you go believing that I am crazy let me just say this- mythical creatures are just that- mythical. Life is what you make of it and what you perceive it to be. We have never seen air but we know it exists. Fairies and other mythical creatures are no different!

Fairies are all around us you just need to know how to look for them. Imagine looking into a prairie and seeing the prairie grass and flowers gently moving in the breeze- is that what you really see or could it be little fairies chasing each other that makes the grass move back and forth? Early in the morning I see little fairy tears left on the leaves of the flowers, but most people call it dew!

Fairies are things of beauty, love and peace. They can also be mischievous and quite the prankster! As you learn to understand fairies your life will be more fun- even during times of despair!  Fairies are able to change their appearance to fit their mood and they can do so instantly! Fairies are part of our emotions and our thoughts which is why they can change so quickly.

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