Where can you find the best horoscope predictions?

I have found that most horoscope sites are crap. And most of them just mimic other sites.So where can I find the best horoscope and zodiac predictions for free.

4 thoughts on “Where can you find the best horoscope predictions?

  1. Sorry dear ; but there none ; like you said ; its all the same [ they copy on each other ]

  2. Dear Friend
    If your knowledge of Astrology pl study the same yourself by reviewing Zodiac -Moon -Navamas -Chart together with the present period of Vimsotary Dasa period.
    Study the same totally impartial way & prepare guide of action
    The Best of Luck
    Rohit Parikh

  3. You won’t find good horoscope predictions anywhere whether on the web or newspapers because sun sign horoscopes are generalized. They focus on a majority of people rather individually.

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