Is there such thing as fairies or magic?

I don’t mean like the streotype of fairies. I mean, I know a lot of people don’t believe in magic, but I do. And please don’t put mean answers, I just want to know if there is anyone who really knows that some sort of fairy or magic exists.

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  1. No there isn’t. If magic was real there would be evidence – and there isn’t.

  2. No. That is all fantasy.. don’t let anyone lead you astray. We need all the reality we can get. Knowledge is power.. !!

  3. Magic yes black magic is very real and something I would never suggest dealing in. life is too short to take the chance of losing your soul over black magic.
    as to fairies I don’t really believe in them myself but my mom does so on that one I’m not sure. I believe in Angels but without the wings. but I’m not sure on fairies

  4. I don’t believe in magic.

    But i think that back in the old days there was some sort of magic that did exist but not any more. I’m not sure but in my culture back in the days special gods or godesses had magic. But im not 100 % sure

  5. If they exist, I would not advise searching for them.

    In folklore, Faerie folk (the correct spelling) and other fey creatures were generally malign.

    Faerie were a malevolent race which delighted in causing havoc. Whether the pranks were fatal to the victim had no consequence, just so long as it gave them something to giggle about.

    You had some who were also just downright evil. The sprites who would delight in others pain and misery.

    Generally they were used in folklore in the past as a way of teaching children not to go into area’s you don’t know. They usually went that if you would absent mindedly fall upon a faerie patch, you would almost be assured a painful death. This would hopefully tell the child that to wonder off into strange places could be very dire indeed.

    I believe in some world adjacent to ours, it’s possible they exist. Nothing is impossible. I wouldn’t want to meet them though.

  6. Well kinda. But it isn’t any of the **** you see in movies it is more of a science regrading humans and electromagnetic energy and the controlling of this energy with particles that are produced within the mind. This energy is then shot through waves to accomplish a certain task such as moving an object with particle waves out of the mind. And yes there is also more extreme cases where someone can alter the weather or read a persons thoughts.

  7. I’m not sure if I believe in fairies.

    But I definitely believe in magic.
    There’s three types that I know of:

    1, magic-with a -c, is illusion, and includes both stage illusion and movie magic.

    2, Psi, which includes everything form moving things with one’s mind, to knowing who’s about to call.

    3, Magick, with a -k, is the art of altering probability, and fate, using intention, and as far as I can tell, it has something to do with quantum entanglement.

  8. I believe in both, and both can go hand in hand. There are sects of magick that are called “faerie magick” or “fae magick” which deals mainly with gaelic stuff. I personally think that the fae reside on the same plane as ghosts, spirits and gods. A plane that we have access to, but only in a limited way.

    If you wanted to bring the fae around you, you can leave out offerings of milk, honey, alcohol, oats, and sweets. You can also leave out crystals and grow plants. Just don’t leave any iron around.

    Hope it helps.

  9. There was a picture of a 34 foot skeleton found, and many ppl believed it was real……anyways to cut straight to the point it wasn’t someone was in a contest to make the most believable looking picture (hoax) ummm the man who made it on his computer said that people were saying that it was real that they were there when it was found some were saying that they knew people that worked on the site where it was dug up. lol the guy was like um ok i made it on my compter in like 30 min. why do u think people would lie about something like that being real?? i think a lot of people on here and in general do that, why is that…are you aware that almost every myth and such is debunked…

  10. i know there’s faeries, since one lives at my house. and i know there’s magic, since i’m a pagan and i’ve done a few spells in my time which have worked.
    plus, magic is all around you. look at trees, look at animals, look at flowers. they create their very own type of magic.

  11. well i believe that anything can happen including unlogical stuff. i mean maybe everything in this world, gravity, science, etc is just an illusion.

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