6 thoughts on “Do you believe in Chinese Herbal Medicine?

  1. very much so i beleive im diabetic 2 i take metformin on prescription a doctor friend who is well qualified in herbal as well told me of 2 herbs for diabetis .i found them on the net in capsule form bought some .the directions said they would start to take effect after 7 weeks .i had blood test as soon as i started taking the capsules blood count 180 . 7 wks later another test count 147 . i was still taking the metformin as well . im still on herbal 2 years on holding my count at 138 . any one want to try the company is Flourish the capsule is biotec

  2. YES i am being treated and this is the only thing that has helped me. herbal medicine i’ve tried but without guidance, or by people who weren’t sure. i found a guy who does acupuncture and Chinese medicine and i don’t know where i’d be if i hadnt!

  3. Yes. I do and I have. I had chronic back pain. The herbs I was given to boil and make a tea out of helped me a great deal for a long time.

  4. YEP!

    TCM treats in a completely different way so the way that you will be treated will seem very different than an allopathic treatment.

  5. a qualified YES. If the remedies can be certified to be pure. China is famous for adulterating their herbal products with pharmaceuticals to boost the effect. Some of the drugs are dangerous. Just be sure of the source. Chinese (pure) herbs have a long history of doing amazing healing.

  6. Yes I believe in Chinese Herbal Medicine. It’s helped me with digestive problems.

    Just make sure you find a reputable herbalist, as the concept of Chines Herbal Medicine is becoming popular and not everyone is as knowledgable as they say they are.

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