Where in the bible does it say astral projection is evil?

And has anyone proved that we have a soul? Shouldn’t more scientist study astral projection so that we can prove that the physical world is not the only dimension? What proof is there that the spiritual dimension exists?

1 thought on “Where in the bible does it say astral projection is evil?

  1. The Bible does not specifically mention astral projection, but to modern Christians it falls under the category of witchcraft. Science has studied astral projection at length and those tests repeatedly yielded no results to show even the remote possibility that astral projection is real. Mathematically there are supposed to be 11 dimensions, but there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that there is any spirit dimension. Also, scientists generally look at dimensions differently than you are. A dimension is a direction of possible travel, not a place where ghosties or strange creature might live. We are supposedly exposed to all 11 dimensions all the time. Most are just too small for us to perceive them.

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