6 thoughts on “Is homeopathy a very effective way of treating illnesses?

  1. they don’t have many side effects….they are a natural way to deal with some symptoms….they definitely work very well with children….i think because they come as drops on a sugar pill, so they taste good to children….they aren’t as fast as more traditional medicine in effectiveness, but the fact that they don’t carry side effects of other medicine make it something to try for sure….talk to a educated person about homeopathics, a naturopathic doctor, or at a health food store

  2. Unfortunately not.

    There is no scientific evidence that homeopathy works any better than taking placebo (dummy pills). Having said that, many diseases do respond to placebos and that effect is measured in drug trials to see what the actual effect of an active medication is. So, in that sense, homeopathic medication may appear to be effective in some cases.

    Because homeopathic medicines are super-diluted, there are actually no active ingredients present. Side-effects are therefore not related to the medication, but rather to the patient’s state of mind.

    Where homeopaths may be much better than allopathic doctors is in listening attentively to what patients say.

  3. The answer to this depends on who you ask. In general, homeopathic remedies are targeted at other things than the illness itself, more towards healing the body as a whole, including the spirit. This is a fancy way of saying that if your mind wants you to be healthy, you are much more likely to get healthy — the human body has amazing powers of regeneration and recovery, but most people ruin these through self-abusive behaviors.

  4. basically homeopathy is a holistic medicine designed to treat the whole person, opposite to conventional ‘allopathic’ medicine. the basic idea behind it is that like cures like, so you have to find the proper ‘similiuim’. this is the single substance that gives the same symptoms if given to a healthy patient. so, if symptoms of a cold are similar to poisoning by mercury, then mercury would be your homeopathic remedy. think about that one, weird eh? however these doses are incredibly minute, about 1 in a trillion and the more diluted, the better it works. no matter how many symptoms you have, the goal is to take only one remedy and it will be aimed at clearing all those symptoms. incidentally, it has been tried by about 7.3 million americans and they have spent about $420 million trying to do so. however, no one has ever proven that homeopathy actually works. instead, there is a good chance it is simply what is known as the placebo effect, you expect a reaction and so in a way convince yourself something is happening and your body reacts accordingly. there are many studies on the placebo effect if you’re interested. in my opinion, homeopathy is bull!!! if you’re interested in more natural medicine that holds more promise, look in to naturopathy.

  5. Most of us are taught that we need to go to medical doctors when we get sick. What we aren’t taught is that the real doctor is already within us as the innate wisdom of the body. This is the difference between conventional allopathic systems and natural holistic medicine systems. The philosophy of natural medicine is that, given the right conditions, the body will heal itself. Whereas the allopathic model tries to control defective body systems through drug intervention, or kill foreign invaders with antibiotics, natural medicine rarely includes toxic agents. Instead, herbs, homeopathic remedies and other non-invasive therapies are used. These techniques harmoniously help facilitate the repair and strengthening of bodily systems (especially the immune system, which can then properly fight foreign invaders), or help to destroy offending pathogens without toxic side effects. The goal of natural medicine is to figure out why systems have weakened and then repair them, which results in healing. Most homeopathic cures do not have side effects, because they are natural. The problem is however, that allopathic medicine sadly does not recognize homeopathy because they cannot make money on it. Pharmeceutical companies are for-profit corporations, and are required to make a profit for shareholders. You cannot patent herbal remedies, so they try their best to put a smear campaign against them! It is all ABOUT THE MONEY!!! I believe that one has to use the best of both allopathic and homeopathic to maintain optimum health. If you have a broken bone, you obviously are not going to visit the homeopathic. You want to obtain services from the allopathic physician. One has to discern which services best suit them at the time.

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