Is there more evidence for the existence of ghosts, bigfoot, fairies, lochness monster or chupacabras?

I guess that believers in any of the mentioned claim some evidence to back up their beliefs in them.
Just wonder which has the largest body of legitimate scientific evidence to back it up.
For example the glowing orbs seen in some photos and videos could possibly be evidence for fairies?
So according to the evidence, which of the mentioned is most likely. Or do you believe some or all exist, and what do you use as the basis to justify the belief?

50 thoughts on “Is there more evidence for the existence of ghosts, bigfoot, fairies, lochness monster or chupacabras?

  1. in some recent photos i have taken, the larger half of the picture was taken up by a large white orb . this being a digital camera, i assumed it was a smug, cleaned the camera and took anouther picture. it was a smug.

  2. I believe in some..ghosts, faeries, bigfoot, and the lochness monster.. I think there could be ghosts considering all the sightings and i’ve seen one myself. I think Faeries exist because I hear weird noises in my room sometimes and I saw a shadow of one, plus i’m irish. and the lochness monster exists because there have been to many sightings and it is quite possible for a species to still be alive even after thought of been extint. Bigfoot I think exists because there are some footprints that at real.

  3. I don’t believe any of them exist. I have never seen convincing evidence. The ‘glowing orbs’ and so forth always seem to turn out to be computer enhancement, a light glaring off something, or something that can be explained. The chupacabra picture some woman in Texas recently claimed to have was explained away by a veternarian as a mutated dog (wtf??) The loch ness monster always looks like a tree limb to me, or a very blurry photo. But anyway, if any of those do exist, why would they be so illusive? Wouldn’t at least one out of one of those groups come out in the open and be observed by people?
    Good question though!

  4. Haha a lot of people will try to say orbs are ghosts. They dont understand photography at all. Orbs are usually reflections hitting the lenses or dirty spots.

  5. I do believe that these things do exist, but some of the evidence is a littel shaky.So to anwser your question, I do think there are things like Big foot, ghosts, and the lochness monster.

  6. No. Probably no real evidence proves the existence of these spirits and creatures but they sure can exist in a mind and the mind can and is reality for a whole bunch of peeps.

  7. As far as I know, there is no real evidence to support any of them.

    Now, there is cultural “evidence”, but just because a million people believe in something doesn’t mean it’s real. But we shouldn’t just discount it all way either. I think if a million people believe in something, it’s work looking into.

    Personally, I’ve taken over 2000 photos all different conditions and all different cameras (1940s to the modern stuff.) and I have one orb picture from a place that was supposed to be haunted, and the other camera I had with me mysteriously broke. Does that mean it was a ghost? Nope. It was just a freaky thing.

    Of them all, I believe that Bigfoot is most likely real. Because creature like Bigfoot did exist, and the environmental conditions they lived in still exist. Couple with the number of people who have seen it, and the number of photos taken of it, I think it is just a matter of time until we collect one.

    As for the rest, I just don’t think so.

  8. I honestly can’t think of any scientific evidence for any, but if I had to choose one that sounded most reasonable to suspect the existence of, I’d say ghosts (many, many, many people believe people have souls), followed by Bigfoot, simply because Bigfoot could theoretically be a rare species of ape, whereas everything else is too ridiculous to even consider.

    Of course, I think if Bigfoot were real, it would either be: 1) Seen by now, or 2) Extinct, having had too small a population for anyone to even catch sight of.

    No animals that are dog-sized or above could be so scarce that they are not observed comfortably (such as Bigfoot and Chupacabra) without going extinct. Chupacabras are said to be seen in areas near where people flourish, so if they’re so scarce that we can’t even observe them, then they’d be extinct by now.

  9. I beleive in faeries. I have no evidence to back it up, I just know they’re real.

  10. There seems to be a LOT of rumors about ghosts, loch nest monster, and Bigfoot, but no REAL evidence to beleive them

  11. I won’t say that I believe fanatically in the paranormal or abnormal, but I do believe that there is possibility. Like for instance, I do think that guardian angels are sent to protect each of us. Also, if you into hearing more about paranormal stuff, then log onto and . I believe that they are on the AM radio stations as well. I encourage everyone here on this board to at least check it out. You will find it very enlightening.

  12. Well…….as for the chupacabra, I live in South Texas and have heard of ranchers seeing this creature. However, I do believe it is not the myth they see, but a cross breed of possibly a coyote and something else (definitely a new breed of something). This creature is definitely “one of a kind”, not a sick or old coyote. However, for all of the other creatures…..that’s anyones guess! Also, don’t forget….it was just recently that new breeds of “critters” were found somewhere (I believe) in Asia. I know one was a snake…don’t remember what the others were. So, anything is possible!

  13. there really is no evidence but i still beleive in all of them. all of them things you mentioned are based off legends and myths from the olden days. its sort of like atlantis. a guy in greek described a majestic place underwater that he called atlantis. scientists nowadays have found that journal and they are creating theorys to prove these facts to be true.

  14. OK, I used to go ghost hunting. It is real!!! I swear, I don’t do drugs or hardly drink. I work for a corporation. I am normal, but these things have always been an interest to me and my boyfriend. We used to go all the time with friends. We had some great pictures of actual misty fiqures and I had audio of something from a abandoned Asylum in Downey CA. Also I walked out of a old Indian cemetery with a huge bruise on my leg…and there were teeth prints….swear to god nothing touched my leg. Also watch TAPS on SCI-FI channel. I think its on Wednesdays nights or something.

  15. Just dropping by. I am a realist that whatever I see would justify the ones i see. For most of the mentioned above, I don’t believe them. They are merely the creations of the mined and the alliterations of the constructive wisdom. There are lots of people wanting to know what lies beyond the dark alleys, the universe, death and earth but do you observe that this is just leading nowhere but obsession and ambition>?

    Everyone would like to be known and recognized i.e. making things unimaginable and outside of the drama of politics and religion so they come up with fairy tales. Whether there might be a justification to what you’ve mentioned above, have you ever wondered what are they for? In citing them, are they going to be famous in helping mankind to change his behavior?

    There are many things to worry about than those of the non-existing glowing and creep-the-mind stories. Get up and show the world what are they for. I am not telling you not believe but use those things to enlighten us for our future.

  16. I do think there is considerable evidence for the lochness monster. Bigfoot pictures have been taken, and ghosts I do believe exist, only not in the form of human souls, but rather as their own entity. My religion believes this as well.

  17. I live in Croatia, Europe or ,how you call it, ex-Yugoslavia…well in my town where I live people saw a werewolf jumping from the wood and crossing a street….I kinda live on a hill….Yes some people have pictures of this been…..Believe it or not but i wouldn’t go camping in that forest……

  18. I dont believe in any of them….but I wish that fairies did….would make gardening a lot more interesting

  19. I believe, but I don’t claim evidence to that fact. I guess it’s my Irish heritage and the stories that I was brought up on that form my beliefs. There are many unexplained events in this world, I think ghosts are the most likely from the ones you mentioned but I like to believe in faeries and things too,

  20. I have big feet and my son’s feet are even bigger. I do not believe in ghost, The extra-dimensional beings that people call ghost are really demons, devils or what used to be considered angels before they were kicked out of Heaven when Lucifer rebelled and one third of the angels were kicked out with him. Some of these devils take on the appearance of people who have died (know as familiar spirits) to deceive folks. Jesus and his disciples cast out many of these devils.

  21. I think you have been watching too much X-Files.
    Someone is covering up
    The truth is out there…..

  22. I believe that the lochness monster one was dispproved. Supposedly the man who came up with the myth admitted to falsifying it on his death bed. I don’t believe in ghosts or fairies. The chupacabra and big foot ones seem a little believable but think about it, don’t you think we’d find a cadaver of an unknown animal that size?
    Perhaps one day soon we’ll all know the mystery.

  23. well I don’t believe any of them at all. But fear from those kinda stories are natural because we have that sense of fear somewhere inside us. Like when we go to graveyard at night you will feel the goosebumps and cold sweats and stuff like taht but the thing is that we already develop these things as an object of fear in ourselves. Other wise these things are not true i mean ghosts and fairies but I believe in JIN: demons but not necessarily evils. There are good and bads just like human and sometime they take advantage of our fear and try to afraid us. They exist and they are invisible they have some kinda power too like they can hide and show themselves their faces are not so pleasant they can change their physical face anytime. This fact is also in Quraan and Bible.(the fact of JIN)

  24. i seen a cubracana when i was walkin by the old zoo in cromer at night time,it had red glowin eyes

  25. Yes they all exist!! so does santa, shhhh be careful he is watching us and making a list then checking it TWICE!

  26. We have had 3 families of Sasquatches living in a valley on our property. They have been there for as long as I can remember.We used to see them whan I was hunting with my dad as a kid.We leave them treats of chocolate and cookies at the edge of the creek and they love them.We have never let anyone know about them because we think they deserve there freedom and own wayof life.

  27. I know for a fact that there is a Santa Clause. I saw him the other day and he used to bring me presents when I was a good little girl.

  28. Basically, I believe that many things could be real. You can talk to someone who believes in fairies and they’d say that fairies are real. Get it? So it just depends how you look at it. Do you believe the evidence? If you do, you have your answer. Personally I think the one with the largest scientific evidence is vampires because my friend has very sharp canines and threatens to bite me (lol)…..but you didn’t ask about vampires. Hope you all spend a nice milisecond thinking about what mythical or supposed creature you believe in. Have a nice day!

  29. All have the exact same amount of evidence of existence: Zero

  30. No legitimate science can back up claims of paranormal fanboys.

    Some believed that the tsunami in Dec. of ’04 was sent by God to punish heathens. Rational people believe it was caused by an earthquake under the ocean.

    Technology has progressed to the point that grainy out of focus pictures of monsters in Loch Ness or bigfoot are not acceptable and are suspect by nature.

    People have faith in what they want to have faith in and cannot be deterred by evidence to the contrary, and are often bolstered by “evidence” which is easily explainable.

  31. I can’t say rather i believein all that or not . But then agian there are something some people believe that others don’t .

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