25 thoughts on “LEO Makeup: Horoscope inspired makeup tutorial using ben nye

  1. i absolutelly love this look it really makes ur eyes pop!!! crazy its beautiful!

  2. I knew there was a reason why I liked you so much, you are a leo just like my man !

  3. Well I’m a LEO and i’m girl and that look is so damn hot.But my favorite colour is red.

  4. I like that look. I don’t think I would make my skin look that pale, it should look good on tanner skin. But I like how fierce and bright it looks.

  5. @qwertdfsf7 woahhhhh!!!…thats a horrible insult! why did u watch the tutorial just to say tht leo r trash? i dnt get it…

  6. @qwertdfsf7 maybe in your eyes but! we still rule the star signs ,ha!

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