What causes all the scenarios in my dreams?

What generates the senarios in my dreams? The people in my dreams, the things they say, the things they do, the things that happen? What makes it all happen? If my subconsciousness created the dream and all the people in it, and my subconsciousness controlled what the people would say in my dream, doesn’t it mean my subconsciousness is a personality in itself?

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  1. We learn much about ourselves and others in dream-time. Mostly dream interpreters say that others you see in your dream are reflections of your own personality.

    You are also able to work out subconscious disarray in your dreams, and sometimes find solutions to your waking life problems. Everything in life is a lesson, so too are your dreams trying to teach you lessons.

    I starting writing down my dreams and have discovered that a lot of what is going on with me in my waking life is represented in my dreams.

    Your subconsciousness is an aspect of you just as your ego is an aspect of your consciousness. Your higher self is more prominent in your dreams because when you dream you are in a different dimension so contact is easier, but that is also why we don’t remember some of our dreams…we aren’t ready yet, but our higher self is working with your ‘self’ at all levels at all times and working with you in your dreams is just one way of reaching you 🙂

    That is my understanding at least.

  2. Dreams are interesting but they are mostly symbolic of an event or something that is going on in your life. Your subconsciousness is a part of your personality. Look up a good dream interpreter…dream dictionary too look up some common symbolism’s and see if it coincides with what is going on in your life.

    For example if you dream of a raccoon signifies deceit and thievery. You are not being completely honest in some situation. Ask yourself if it pertains to your life in any way?

  3. You’re OVERTHINKING this issue. Our CONSCIOUS brains are the detectives; SUBCONSCIOUS parts of the same brain are the mystery, creating clues within our dreams. It’s the challenge to then take our dreams, look for the clues and then–figure out their meaning…..if there really is any.

    It’s 50/50 hit and miss otherwise….and we need NOT sweat too hard trying to solve our dream mysteries.

  4. it’s your toughts. dreams are your taughts .

    your mind is always thinking only our body sleeps. dreams are like a movie of our taughts.

    if while you sleep you think you are driving a car you will dream that you are driving a car.

    also feeling while you are asleep effect , your dreams, if you are f thirsty and you are asleep, you will dream something that have to do with that , like that you are drinking , or that you are in a hot desert without water.

    even sound effect our dreams , if your phone rings while you are asleep , you will dream about a phone ringing.

    about scenarios if example if you are dreaming tha you are driving a car, the scenarios will be were you were thinking at that moment

    and probably the scenario , about that you dream the phone is ringing probably it would be the one of your actual home.since “you” konw that the phone is of your home

    sometimes while im half asleep , and i think about something, i will start seeing and hear my toughts in a form of a dream

    that’s what happen to me

    we are just one , we are our taughts, subconsciousness/conciseness it’s still us they are not different

  5. I believe it is caused by all the things that you experience in the world and all of those experiences fill your subconsciousness.

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