LIBRA Makeup: Horoscope inspired makeup tutorial

ALL THE HOROSCOPE LOOKS WILL BE DONE! No need to request anymore, they will not be done in any specific order so no need to comment or message me about it!!!!! This is a really simple libra look! I hope you guys like this, i dont know much about horoscopes other than my own so i just went off of the colors for the sign 🙂

25 thoughts on “LIBRA Makeup: Horoscope inspired makeup tutorial

  1. Libras, FTW!(:
    September 24th Baby right here 😀
    Great Video, btw. :]

  2. fantastic tutorial, you are so pretty :p lol i love MAC makeup especially, i get wicked freebie samples from – gratis make-up samples – anybody else?

  3. you rock! so is mine 😀 hehehe

    (…and i thought i was the oooonly one muahha)

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