Transcending Ego On The Spiritual Path

There’s a pitfall in spiritual circles which is that to believe that to be spiritual a more or less permanent state of equanimity, calm and lack of overt feeling is the ultimate state to be attained. But our feeling centre is an aspect of the Divine. Without truly feeling and owning our emotions – and these continue to arise as we ‘become more spiritual’ – we will walk a stilted spiritual path. It is the antithesis of real transformation.  We were not meant to be cold or cool, unfeeling, always composed human beings. We are meant to be empassioned when passion arises; emotional when emotion arises; cool, calm and collected when equanimity arises. We are meant to be whatever arises in each moment, no more, no less. In real spirituality all erroneous beliefs, all fears are faced and transcended. Beliefs are simply at the thought level, and the first step is to become aware of which beliefs are influencing us.

I once heard someone say that when you’re a child, especially a teenager, everything is tragic (“Oh My God!”); as an adult it’s all drama and gossip, and then, if you’re lucky, it becomes a joke, and you smile. And the smiling occurs as we allow Divine Light to enter our Consciousness and our experiential Life. We do take life and ourselves so very seriously. This doesn’t mean that we are unfeeling, or insensitive – far from it. It in fact means we are highly sensitive, since sensitivity is our birthright and must be claimed back; it means we are not so attached and involved in the drama of emotion we can see the wood for the trees. But this can only occur if we allow the ego to take a flying leap and allow ourselves to truly relate to another. As long as ego or personality is in place, it will always clash with another ego, no matter how much we say we love the other person.

When a fundamental transformation does occur, in which we see the illusion of the separate self, all the tools that we use or offer to others – whether this be spiritual, religious, psychological, or any practice or self-growth mechanism – will be carried out without attachment. Some may be discarded and others brought into the mix. We each tread our own individual path and the beauty of free will is that we can play the game of life in whatever way we choose. The key question is: Are you aware you’re playing a game, or is it more like a battle? If the latter, be honest, and shed the attachment.

But living in this world is a constant challenge to maintaining a continuous state where the ‘me’ or ‘my’ (unreal self) is transcended in favour of the ‘I’ (real Self). The only effort worth making is the effort to maintain this state, for it is only in this state that suffering is no more.  And this is the only true fundamental transformation; there is no halfway house, either we have ego or we are egoless. This of course can change – and usually does change for most people – on a moment by moment level.  Thus this is why Ramana Maharshi said, “Turn the mind inward and cease thinking of yourself as the body; thereby you will come to know that the self is ever happy. Neither grief nor misery is experienced in this state.” QUOTE ref abiding in Self is happiness…..

So for the avid spiritual seeker this must be the goal: to be mindful always of what is at the fore: the ‘me’ or ‘my’ (unreal self) or the ‘I’ (real Self). Awareness of ego must be increased.

If we wish to experience ourselves as One, as Divine Consciousness, as who we are in all our empowerment and joy, we must allow our self to become dismantled, torn apart, examined, owned and finally thrown out the window. What will remain? Nothing.  Nothing the ego can latch onto anyway. And this is the whole starting point. The rebirth into who we always were. It is this Stillness that we hear, that is the abode of the Divine. In this space of Stillness that is empty of thought and attachments, we become powerful creators and teachers.  Essentially we are all teachers and we are all wise. All that we need to know and understand can be found from within. In this state of emptiness – where personality is not important – feeling arises in purity, and we may sometimes need courage to allow all that does arise. And as we do, we become more and more free, free from concerns at what others may think of us. It’s not about always showing or expressing all that we feel but acknowledging what arises in truth to ourselves. In this way emotions are transmuted rapidly. In the state of raw honesty with ourselves, we can transform quickly and radically.

Reena Gagneja is a ‘Spiritual’ Entrepreneur’. She is an internet marketing expert and also offers Spiritual Counselling and Soul Contract Reading sessions to private clients. Reena’s passion is your success and empowerment, both inner and financial.

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