Do you believe that zodiac signs hold some truth? What sign are you?

I am definately into zodiac signs. I am a cancer who is married to a scorpio (exhausting). I was just wondering if any of you are knowledged of it at all and if so what can you tell me about me and my sign that I may not know already?

9 thoughts on “Do you believe that zodiac signs hold some truth? What sign are you?

  1. Yes,I believe they hold a lot of truth.

    You and your husband are compatible.

    Cancers,from my personal experience can be some of the most selfish people on Earth,but once again,they’re very easy going,it’s fun talking to them,they are great listeners and everytime they hold a conversation it’s interesting.
    Cancers are some really interesting people.

  2. Absolutely, especially when you learn to study whole charts.

    You can learn about your sign anywhere nowadays. If you want to know more there are plenty of people that can help. The Sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg. Why have a taste when you can eat the whole pie?

  3. Yea i’m an Aquarius and it’s description is exactly like me


  4. Astrology is a pseudo science. And your ‘sign’ means absolutely nothing. Proof ? Look at your horoscope in five different newspapers or magazines. They’ll all be different. So if it’s for fun only, you’re ok.

  5. I am the sign that Jesus died on the cross for.

    My sign is Jesus and he holds the truth.

    and I believe in the sign of HIM

    Have you ever seen a crowd of millions
    gathering to hear the word of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit??


    Have you ever seen a crowd of thousands
    gathering to hear the word of the Zodiac, & scorpio or cancer?

    Don’t go to the wrong gathering…

  6. good answer lee, my son would proberly agree
    My son says you can’t just go by the stars. He calls it “hocus-pocus”.
    He doesn’t believe in that stuff. He says that it can’t predict what’s gonna happen, who is best for who. It’s the person, not astrology that picks who’s best for who.
    2 scorpios may get alone well, 2 scorpios across town might fight, He has friends with the same sign as him, they get along good. Neighbor has a birthday same day (not same year), they get alone fiine.

  7. You know, i believe there is some truth but not always the way things are intended. I look at it this way, I am a Scorpio, i was born in November. My life started off at a different point then someone who was born in April. Just with the seasons alone they bring different moods, behaviors and lessons. I don’t know the whole timing thing but as you are born at different times and are therefore exposed to certain things in your life sooner or later then other people. Especially during childhood this can for sure affect your personality, behavior and what not that you carry onto adulthood. It stands to reason then that some people who were born in the same time frame will have similar characteristics. Signs to me are therefore just explaining similarities.
    So, i do believe that they hold some truth but i’m not about to govern my life based on my sign.

  8. Yes, they do hold some truth, though all the people may not find the horoscopes matching their profile

  9. I don’t believe in that astrology nonsense.I too am a scorpio, I have friends I’ve known since we were 5 or 6, born the same year and we get alone fine.
    People tend to just look at the negative sides of scorpios like not being good tempered,etc. You’re gonna find that with anyone, any sign, it’s not the stars that determine who does & doesn’t have tempers. Anyone can,everybody has an off day. My uncle is a scorpio, he’d do anything he can to help you and has a good sense of humor.

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