Modern slavic pagan feast

The Kupala day is a pagan fiest of summer solstice in Slavic countries. The ancient fertility riot was accepted into the orthodox calendar. While it was associated with John the Baptist and is marked on July 7, today’s pagan worshippers in Russia celebrate the fiest in the period around mid-summer day in June.

25 thoughts on “Modern slavic pagan feast

  1. In Serbia, we still have old pagan holiday named Vidovdan. We are Christians, but we still celebrate our once supreme god, Svetovid (Святовит) on 28. June every year.

  2. @JuniusFaction i don’t think so. slavic people never were nazists and racial. they just want to worship our Gods, get back what rome church and greek church had taken from them. freedom is the base of living in modern world

  3. we shoot flowers to the water with candles in Kupala day 🙂 and I like this fiest it’s so magic:))

  4. @goldgrif WTF? Slavic nations are famous for their hospitality. If you are talking specifically about this pagan feast, if you are not Slavic you have no reason to be there. Celebrate your own holidays

  5. So these are the idiots that lied to everybody about their false holidays THAT BEEN SENT DOWN THRU GENERATIONS, like christmas ,easter, halloween, newyears and others ! They f***ed up everyone mind and they are obvious inbred crazies!!!!

  6. maybe your family was poor and wanted to get better business contacts 😉

  7. I hear you! I don’t understand why my family abandon the the faith of the Slav for Judaism…
    Life I know in Jewish faith is terrible.
    You feel guilty and fear you god all the time
    there is no female outlet…
    it’s like women are not worthy..
    I would love to get intact with my Russian Slav roots

  8. it’s wonderful to know this, I have russian in me and it’s wonderful to know of my actural roots came from…
    My family converted to Jewish faith in the 1800’s and I never know why…
    I hope one day to vist such an area in Russia even thought I’m American i can still be able to reconnect

  9. Agreed my friend. They are false religions that are based on Pagan faiths anyway! We here in Briton are ridiculed by the “false” religions, but their festivals are stolen. Shame. Love and Light to all.

  10. We,Slavs,have our own faith – rodnoverie!

    You,Semites,have to return to your truly faith adad and hadad…F*** christianity,islam and judaism!

  11. Ha ha ha! West and hospitality!? You must come to any Slavic country to see what hospitality really means! I lived in the west and after two years ran away because I could die of depression because of that “open” way of life.

  12. I don’t see what the 3rd Finding of the Head of the Forerunner has to do with Kupala. The Orthodox calendar was firmly established before Slavic people even became Christians.

  13. Počemu toļko belije? Jesļi ti govoriš što razņica meždu ņemeckim (Johann) i russkim malaja, togda i razņica meždu russkim i suahili iļi kirundi tože malaja. I poļitjiki eto zerkalo obšestvo, poetomu viņitj toļko etu profesiju, glupo.

  14. lol, that is what I thought, and what the hell is a race, there has been lotsa of interbreeding between peoples and cultures,

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