do you think Deepak Chopra can be looked at as kind of crazy?

Do you think that Deepak Chopra, who believes, has emotional responses to and teaches people about things that are not scientifically possible, is kind of crazy for that?

1 thought on “do you think Deepak Chopra can be looked at as kind of crazy?

  1. *Science* ain’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be. *Facts* change all the time. What was once considered absolute truth may be proven false at a later time.

    People who push the envelope are always considered a little out there. They’re the pioneers, breaking new ground with ideas that appear ridiculous to the masses.

    As far as *crazy*…??? He espouses love, acceptance and inclusion. He doesn’t set himself up as a disciple or charismatic trying to accumulate a following or asking for money… aside from trying to sell books and tickets to lectures.

    You can’t force people to accept beliefs that don’t resonate somewhere inside themselves. He’s presenting his views and conclusions and you can take them or leave them.

    He doesn’t harm anyone or speak a single word of hate to, or about, anyone or anything.

    So, if that’s crazy, then the world could use a few more crazy people like him.

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