How does spiritual gnosis work for you?

According to the gnostic community way back, it (self-knowledge or knowledge of the heart) dissolves ignorance as in ‘we got here or took a “fall” through ignorance’.

6 thoughts on “How does spiritual gnosis work for you?

  1. Gnosis doesn’t work for me, at all.
    I don’t know anything, for certain.
    Living as a conscious being means dealing with doubt.


    John Popelish

  2. ignorance comes from language which creates a false sense of reality and blinds people from truth. Its dualistic nature forces the creation of opposing ideas as soon as a concept is created. For example Good/Bad, Inside/Outside, Up/Down. These things don’t actually exist except as a concept. To see truth, one must see the world without this verbal filter that constantly interferes with our thinking process.

  3. I wish gnosis did work for me but I know very little. I believe we all have knowledge that we are not aware of normally. On occasion I have been able to tap into that current and get on a flow.

  4. Hi,

    I consider myself to be a gnostic. I think it “works” great for me but it takes quite a bit of work. The self-knowledge however isn’t just bestowed upon us. We have to constantly work to self-observe and study our motives, emotions, thoughts and actions in order to uncover their roots. As this knowledge increases, so does our consciousness. It is the consciousness that holds all of our spiritual qualities like love and wisdom and is what links us to the Divine.

    Gnosis isn’t a religion, and it isn’t a belief. It is the way one lives their life and the path that one takes to awaken and become an enlightened being.

    There are techniques and exercises that can be learned and if practiced correctly will produce results that the practitioner can personally verify for themselves. A Gnostic doesn’t blindly follow someone else because they are given the techniques to investigate for themselves.

    These techniques can give a gnostic or anyone that practices the techniques access to information that most people will never have access to or can even imagine. One can get answers to the big questions like what is death, what happens after death, is there more than this physical world, do angels or divine beings exist and the list goes on.

    In my opinion the best place to get more info about Gnosis, background as well as techniques and practices is here:

    By no means am I close to enlightenment but compared to where I was a few years ago I am in a much better position. Life has a positive purpose and a clear direction.



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