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Indigo Children , Crystal Children and Rainbow Children are all the same in essence–but opinions vary – suggest to remember the nature of opinions–they are made to serve a purpose that may not serve your child as a living being here equal and one. Firstly I would suggest to not in any way whatsoever define your child as indigo/crystal, but to experience you with your child as one and equal as you. See, parents fear within them of the wellbeing of their child bring them to do all sorts of unnecessary actions within which they participate, which the parent believe is the best of their child when it is not, because that which they apparently do which is best for the child is done in and of fear and concern which will have a consequence in the child life. For instance: Such as believing their child is a indigo/crystal child for instance when the child in actual fact is not at all, and when or if the parent think/believe the child is an indigo/crystal child it influence the childs entire expression as who they are and thus influence the childs life for the remainder of the experience of themselves within this world because the parent defined their child as being indigo/crystal and thus treated the child/behaved around the child according to the child apparently being an indigo/crystal child and this really, extensively cause unnecessary harm within the childs experience of themselves in this world instead of the parent being one and equal as the child. Realise that your

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  1. Thank god; something that actually makes sense! I know that I’ve had the experience as an indigo or whatever one would call it, I’ve had to sit idly by and watch myself to some pretty regretful things and my mom still can’t see past it, altho it’s gotten better I’m on track seeing as though I was led here synchronistically. Keep up the good work.

  2. @TheSunangels lol! can’t you see the separation within your words? “different level”??!?! WTF? “god bless all”??? how can it be true if half of this world is in great suffer? how can god all mighty agree to that?
    I suggest you to investigate desteni, watch the History of Man Kind. when you watch, breath unconditionally. Sorry to be the one who tells you that but you were misled and thus, deluding. do a favor for yourself and investigate desteni massage.

  3. @TheSunangels
    The soul and all past-life memory was Deleted together with a program called the White Light (a.k.a. ‘God’) and all the angels – so, stop ‘connecting’ and realize you are alone and responsible for the world as it currently exists. So, stop looking for an answer from above – you are merely ‘communicating’ to your own mind.

  4. I want to become a ‘Magnetic Master’, but I don’t know where to start; can anybody please advise?

  5. @DesteniProductions I wrote MEDITATION, not medication.. funny though..

    Take care of yourself

  6. @yuukannahoshi medication are for those that are sick. Are you sick? and if you are sick, what self medication will work?

  7. i suggest you youtube sangrailian and the channel the thoughts on that! because all ths apocolypse is very real but i do accept it has been pre-planned

  8. @MarlenVargasDelRazo Stop from trying to spread the truth that we are all one? Stop from trying to get people who are looking at it from the outside to experience it on an emotional/spiritual level? We are all saviours. Your videos are weak. You’re just telling “yourself” truth. When you should be showing “yourself” truth. Highly ineffective. How many times can you say, “We are one.” You need to show people but you don’t know how because it can’t be spoken. It needs to be invoked.

  9. @kiefhouse
    many have been spreading the light to unify consciousness for 100 years now. They died without making a difference. Today half of the world lives on LESS THAN 2,50 dollars a day. Get practical and find real solutions

  10. @kiefhouse suggest you educate yourself to actually realize what your words are saying / consciousness is the enslavement that you’re playing out as the ‘saviour’ role you’re takingo on, none of what you preach could acutally make a difference but only enhance the already laid out programmed reality that you are so gladly willing to submit to by ‘transmuting’ it /

    Suggest you study the material presented here and stop from spreading the disease you’re believing in.

  11. @BellaBargilly Yeah I know. I should stop commenting on the videos because there seems to be a barrier. Our language doesn’t cut it. I live as one as much as I can without being destroyed. This world isn’t cut out quite yet for people devoid of ego all together. I help the disabled and unfortunate 5 days a week. This is my part until I can start performing music again to spread the light and help unify the consciousness. I don’t exclude the negative but rather transmute it into goodness.

  12. @kiefhouse

    YOU decide whether you only collect knowledge & information and blend it into your thoughts
    or whether you ACTually use the common sense shared and apply yourself in a way that will change the accepted atrocity of this reality we share

    to exclude the ‘negative’ and focus on what makes you ‘feel good’ is an application of separation and denial – and is still the mind

    dare to See –
    and decide who you will be and what you will do to stop that which disregards life

  13. what do u think about osho? btw Indigos are real… truth hurts.. hihihi

  14. @MrFloydc2

    left side represents more the female side – expression –
    while the right side represents more the male side – structure

    based in polarity that is

  15. why do mothers hold their baby on their left side and lean the baby’s head next to their heart ?

  16. @ReginaldDiepenhorst Wow, you must have selective reading. Of course I take responsibility, and of course I participate. I work with disabled children and adults every day of my life. I’m here to help. You need to open your perception a bit and stop seeing what you want to see. Everyone on these channels is so passively condescendiing. It’s a real issue

  17. @kiefhouse Oneness is selfishness. Being the spectator is not life. Dare to take responsibility for all of yourself and move yourself as the participant. It’s the unacceptance of yourself within and as equality wherein you persuade yourself that oneness as observer is the solution.

  18. @SpamAnn It’s the holy spirit. The light that lights all lights. It is me. It speaks only truth, and desires only oneness. It’s always dwelling in everything but can only be accessed when I let go of my mind and let my awareness be all.

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