Principals of Astrology

This chart here shows the many patterns of the Astrological customs and how they align with their essential Principal Focuses. In the Philosophy of Trinities, the concept imposes that there are three main concerns of which are of Personal, Social, and Universal focus. This philosophy has been applied to other philosophic and occult practices, such as the Planes in Kabbala, the Principals in Alchemy, and to the Modes in Astrology. That which is of a Personal Focus is usually Self-Concentrated, Basic, and is Idealistic and Initiative, while that which is of a Social Focus is Communicative, Blended, and Unified in Stable Balance, where that which is of a Universal Focus is Broad, Complex, and Encompassing in greatness. In Astrology, there are many concepts such as Elements, Qualities, Polarities, Houses, etc., all of which are in cycles and patterns that help define the traits of the Zodiac Signs. There are Twelve Houses that preoccupy the Signs and their Ruling Planets respectively: I: Aries & Mars = Personal II: Taurus & Venus = Personal III: Gemini & Mercury = Personal IV: Cancer & Moon = Personal V: Leo & Sun = Social VI: Virgo & Mercury = Social VII: Libra & Venus = Social VIII: Scorpio & Mars (Pluto) = Social IX: Sagittarius & Jupiter = Universal X: Capricorn & Saturn = Universal XI: Aquarius & Saturn (Uranus) = Universal XII: Pisces & Jupiter (Neptune) = Universal That which is of Self and Passion, Money and Possessions, Communication and Knowledge, and Emotion and

25 thoughts on “Principals of Astrology

  1. Hi how do i find my chart thing like you have here? Im new to this..

  2. Well, actually, if they’re in Conjuction, that can actually be quite benificial.

    Sun Leo, Moon Taurus & Aquarius ASC, now THAT’s a pain in the ass!

  3. Virgo-ASC
    Uranus and Neptune-Sagittarius

    Saturn in the 2cd House worries me…so does Pluto and Mars in the 2cd for that matter. Seems so unstable and such a source of stress!

  4. did yuo use Microsoft Mary or Microsoft Anna? I want that programme

  5. I have a good number of Mutables as well. And most reoccuring Sign Element is Fire. So, pretty much I like a Sagittarius when you mix all transits of my chart together.

    Perpaps that’s why I’m very Philosophical….

  6. lol Interersting placements. My chart’s riddled with an overabunce of cardinal and mutable influneces. Only my Venus and Jupiter are in fixed signs(Aqua and Scorp respectively). Sometimes I wish I had more of the grounded stability of fixed signs, but whatever. I’ll just initiate and adapt…and try to stick things through, or at least look like it / =

  7. I myself have an interesting corilating Sun/ASC Signs. However, thier are actually directly Oppositional! I am a Sun Leo and a Rising Aquarius. I the Rebellious Authority, the Democratic Monarche, the the Friendly Egotist! XD Through a Taurus Moon in there and you got yourself a Tripple Fixed mess! X_X

  8. Yep, that’s the Aries Libra Opposition alright! Male Mars and Female Venus going at it! XD

    Though , you do strike a very interesting question. Aries and Cancer are indeed Opposing in Elemental power, but not only that, specifically Aries and Cancer are the Fire and Water Signs of the same Cardinal Quality Mode! And Quality Signs usually don’t get along too well either. So I would say yes, because are you yourself has said, there is that conflict between expressive and repressive behavior.

  9. Personally as an Aries man, myself and Libra females have not gotten along. I find them manipulative, superficial, needy, and fake. Just from my experience, I’m not judging. Best of luck to you.

    Quick question: would you say that an Aries Sun and Cancer rising causes alot of internal conflict within one’s self, since they’re opposing elements? Sometimes I come off as aggresive and straightforward like my sun sign, but the majority of the time I’m introverted and quiet mannered.

  10. Aries and Libra make a rather interesting relationship as they are Parallel Signs of each other. The Mars Warrior and the Venus Lover are usually prone to be in Oppositional conflict with each other, but that also means that they can both collaborate and make their qualities respect each other.

  11. whats the maker of the vid’s thoughts on libra and aries relationships? mines goin pretty good. everyones thoughts plz.

  12. Good for you! Wow and with two Earth’s and an Air, Opposing Elements!

    Yeah, we the most powerful Signs of the Wheel. And I’m not just boasting because I am one either. We’re even the Four Chirubums in the Bible (The Man, the Lion, the Bull, and the Eagle)!

    However, even though we’re the most powerful, we’re also the ones who bears the burdens. Cardinal Signs always find ways to ignore thier problems and Mutable Signs just accept them. We’re in the middle of the conflict enduring all of it.

  13. Yo, Fixed signs are the best man..
    You don’t boss people round and you’re not a sheep who follows the crowd.

    Change might be hard but three fixed may be a blessing
    I’m Taurus sun, Capricorn Moon and Gemini rising. Got a good blend of all three

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