9 thoughts on “Which do you believe to be more relevant? Chinese or Western Astrology?

  1. *I believe more into chinese astro ……. maybe because i’m an asian too !!~
    Western may be good too but is more generalised than personal !!~☺

  2. neither, im a high believer that, although they are interesting to read about, they are absolutely meaningless… the stars dont guide you through life and make your destiny for you, your choices and way of life contributes to you framing your own destiny… even as a christian i dont believe that God controls my destiny nor that of anyone elses…. you are given choices, and with those choices you sculpt your own self created destiny

  3. chinese astrology is evidence based ,and light scientific based,while western astrology more on scientific based.so i prefer more on chinese.

  4. Comparing the two I find the Chinese to be more accurate in my case,although I enjoy both.

  5. I’m finding that Chinese and Vedic are more relevant to encouraging persons in a positive direction.

    I don’t see many of the people deeply into Chinese and Vedic astrology hating on other people, or making negative stereotypes to the extreme which persons into Western astrology do. That speaks well of the teachings of Chinese and Vedic, and that is where I’ve turned my focus recently.

  6. I’ll settle for one that can do better than chance. Neither does, so it’s Magic 8 Ball for me.

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