Yoga Breathing for beginners

A basic beginners yoga breathing routine a great start for any yoga class to centre the mind . Basic Pranayama is good for alot of aspect of yoga. The simple act of learning to control the breath has a number of beneficial effects on your wellbeing, ranging from increasing your energy, to improved relaxation into sleep. It purifies the body by flushing away the gaseous by products of metabolism and will also help you to remain calm in the face of the challenges that we encounter in our everyday lives. By harnessing the power of the breath the mind can be stilled and can be prepared for your Yoga practise.

25 thoughts on “Yoga Breathing for beginners

  1. @FreeYogaVideos , Nothing but excersize will get you those results. Eating well is not enough.

  2. Great video, I’ve been following this for a couple of months. I can do all the poses apart from the tree pose, my foot slides down my leg lol!

  3. Hey thanks for posting these, my shoulders feel amazing after stretching them out. I have a bad rotator cuff and it shakes like a card tower when I do some of the poses. Any tips?

  4. We eat pretty well . Nutrition is very important to maintaining a healthy body.

  5. Ooh, cute guys! All the more reason to get started with my yoga routine. Yayyyy.

  6. thanks guys, should i being doing these poses for the lenght of the vids or longer, great job btw

  7. thank u for replyin me. i m goin to start from today. thank u so much….

  8. Diet is absolutely Critical when it comes to yoga . Head over to our website and signup for the newsletter . I will be doing a heap with this in 2010 . check our videos for answers to your other 2 questions both are answered there.


  9. do we hav follow any diet ? n which is d best time to practice yoga? what is the diffrence between yoga and meditation?

  10. This is really great! I’m overcoming a drug addiction and this has been very helpful!

    Thanks so much for posting this.

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