The Concept of Chakras

Chakras are energy centers along the midline of the body. According to ancient Vedic philosophy, proper functioning of our body and mind depends on these chakras. From the mind’s eye these chakras are seen as spinning wheels or whirling masses of different colors. Our body is said to have seven primary chakras, each denoted with a different color and responsible for sets of mind and body functions. The exact location of each chakra may vary for different people; however the usual locations are within the body, in a straight line. The following is a list of the 7 chakras, their colors, locations and functions:

The root chakra

Location- At the base of the spine

Color- Burnt red; the color of the earth

Associated body parts- The spinal column, bones, teeth, anus, rectum, prostrate gland, blood etc

Associated feelings- Confidence, trust in life, self-esteem

If the chakra is closed the associated body parts may be affected and can lead to negative feelings of low self-esteem, constant fear of being let-down or cheated, lack of confidence etc. When the chakra is overactive it may make a person overconfident, arrogant and materialistic. An over-active chakra also affects the associated body parts adversely.

The sacral chakra

Location- Below the navel, around the genital area

Color – orange, the color of the setting sun

Associated body parts-Pelvic girdle, re-productive organs, kidneys, bladder, sperm, gastric juice, blood etc

Associated feelings or mental functions- Sexual desires, sexual attraction and emotions

If this chakra is closed one might experience problems in the associated body parts and/or an aversion to physical intimacy, fear of sexual union and/or suffer from a lack of interest in sex. It may also lead to low-self esteem and an emotional paralysis like situation. An overactive sacral chakra can be the cause of an obsession with sex or sexual addictions and/or malfunctioning of the associated body parts.

The solar-plexus

Location-6 inches above the navel

Color- Bright yellow

Associated body parts- Lower back, abdomen, digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder and autonomic nervous system

Associated feelings or mental functions- Will power, determination, view of self, self acceptance, respecting others

If the chakra is closed one may display emotions like self-loathing and lack of willpower. In case it is overactive it may make a person disrespectful, self-centered and callous towards others’ feelings. Either way, the associated body parts will be affected adversely.

The heart chakra

Location- Between the breasts

Color- Red, green or pink

Associated body parts- Heart, upper back, lower area of the lungs, blood and blood circulation, skin etc

Associated feelings or mental functions- Giving and accepting love, emotional security, forgiveness and kindness

A person with a closed heart chakra could be stingy, insecure bitter and/or emotionally cold. An overactive heart chakra can make people feel unloved and unappreciated; such people may go out of their way to help others but also keep unrealistically high expectations from the recipients of their help and love. They are generally bitter and over-possessive. A malfunctioning heart chakra can cause diseases in the associated body parts.

The Throat chakra

Location- The throat area, above the collar bones

Color- Pale blue or silver

Associated body parts- Neck, throat, jaw, ears, voice, trachea, upper lungs, esophagus, arms etc

Associated feelings or mental functions- Self expression, creativity, expressing one’s feelings of love and anger, communication etc

A blocked throat chakra can make a person stifle his/her creativity and self expression; such people are generally poor communicators and may also be too self-critical. A person who is extremely fond of hearing his own voice or doesn’t let other people express their opinions could have an overactive throat chakra. Such people are generally bad listeners and may display arrogance or over-confidence. A malfunctioning throat chakra affects the associated body parts adversely.

The Third-eye

Location- Between the eye brows

Color- Indigo or violet

Associated body parts- face eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, cerebrum, and central nervous system

Associated feelings/mental functions- Creativity, spirituality, connection with inner-self, focus

A closed third eye chakra could lead to creative block. You may feel as if you lack focus and may not be able to concentrate on any task at hand. A person with an overactive third eye chakra is generally organized to the point of being finicky; he/she could be rational to the extent of being cynical and may lack creativity. A malfunctioning of this chakra affects the associated body parts adversely.

The Crown Chakra

Location- Above the crown of the head

Color- Violet or gold

Associated body parts- Cerebrum, pineal gland

Associated feelings/mental functions- High level of consciousness, fulfillment, enlightenment, bliss

People with an open crown chakra are extremely spiritual. All your chakras need to be open for the crown chakra to function normally. Living a superficial life, running away from spiritual truths, prioritizing money and material comforts above love and kindness all indicate towards a malfunctioning of the crown chakra. A completely closed crown chakra could lead to serious problems in the associated body parts.

There are numerous ways to cleanse these chakras, from yoga, crystal therapy and aroma therapy to simple meditation. You can choose the method based on your comfort level and faith.

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