REDNECK ART made with BBQ RIBS – Speed Painting

You might be a redneck artist if messy, rib-eating fingers inspires you to fingerpaint. As seen on CMT “Country Fried Home Videos”

25 thoughts on “REDNECK ART made with BBQ RIBS – Speed Painting

  1. Dude, thats sick!!
    Where there any lines on the papar before you startet?

  2. holy shit man, how are you this talented? And using sweet baby rays. excellent

  3. you should be on “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” lol thumbs up if u agree

  4. oh DUDE! this is freaking crazy! how the heck do you do that!? great job! 😀

  5. OMG your soooo goood, and very flexible in what u can paint WITH

  6. I bet kids in Africa would love this :p Really cool though
    awesome job

  7. i dont get how some1 could negative rate ur vids… its a painting with bbq :S

  8. lol just from seeing his other works i knew it was amazing since the begginning

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