What do dreams about altered staircases mean?

I frequently (about every other month) have dreams about staircases that have been altered in some way. Like, you’re going up & then at some point there’s a big gap in the steps & you have to jump to make it, or you fall a long ways. Sometimes there are obstacles you have to jump on or swing across to get to the next steps. I’m usually with people in these dreams, & they have no problem making it to the next step, but I’m freaked out that I’ll fall.

The other day, my brother told me he had a dream about a spiral staircase where the steps were lilypads, & it was hard to get from one to the other. He says that he dreams about weird staircases a lot, too.

What do these dreams mean?

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  1. cant help u there

    but i frequetly have dreams like that also but the stairs are not altered

  2. It’s dangerous to over-interpret dreams, but in this case I’d have to say you’re going to give birth to the anti-Christ.
    Good luck!

  3. Well, I think it is a sign that you really need to pay attenion to and yes it will happen and you both will more n likely be together when it all goes down, and also keep in mind that it maybe 20 years from now too????

  4. I think you actually know that answer to that, but perhaps I can help you realize. Your feelings in the dreams are most important. You said that others have no trouble making the jump, but you are afraid you will not be as able as them. It’s likely this translates literally into your waking life. Do you ever feel, in some way, that others are more easily able to accomplish things you’d like to accomplish? Or feel left behind perhaps? Stairs are probably just the image that your mind choosen to symbolize a challenge/goal to you. Since they are reoccuring, I definitely think you should take time to look into your feelings on this topic, because you brain seems to be trying to tell you something in sleep that you’re ignoring in waking life.

  5. Staircases are ways to climb higher, to get to the next level of existence, to aspire to higher states, to climb back up to heaven, to get somewhere above your current state.
    Altered staircases mean you are both ready to get to the next level and are making changes in your life to get to the next level, and the altered steps are the monkey wrenches thrown in your path – whatever they may be.
    Learn to fly in your dreams – it’s easy – you just jump!
    Learn to land (I’m still working on controlling my landings.)
    Then when you meet up with those scary gaps, fly to the next one.
    In Real Life, learn creative solutions to those monkey wrenches life throws at you, learn to roll with the changes, learn to drop the small things that don’t matter and focus on changing things that do matter.
    Good luck.

  6. To dream of climbing up a flight of stairs means that you will experience a rise in social or financial status.

    Dreams of descending a staircase represent the dreamer’s need to work through an old issue or situation.

    To dream of sitting on stairs suggests that you are having trouble deciding the right way to act in a situation, or getting up the confidence to go forward in the way that you want.

    If you dream that are you running up stairs but you cannot get to the top, or you can’t move as quickly as you want to, this suggests a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

    To dream of falling down a flight of stairs is a warning to be less controversial in the views that you express to others.

  7. Dreams are very personal and you’ve gotten a lot of good information already. This is simply another angle to ponder on.

    Sometimes dreams can represent mood too. Just something to watch for in the future.

    If you seem to go through depression during or right after a falling dream, pay attention.

    If you feel like you are strugging to make it when you hit the gaps, that is telling.

    If you feel like there are obstacles in your waking life, it may be appropriate that you also recognize them in dreams.

    If this does have an emotional connection to daily living, it is a good sign that you generally have no problem making it to the next step, and the fact that you stay diligent can be a good thing (unless it is exaggerated by fear).

    A spiral staircase is interesting because it has a “revisiting” pattern, but on a new level. Lillypads could simply be an indication that it will be a natural thing.

  8. They represent you. There must be some goal or location that you are trying to reach, but cannot achieve for a reason. Dreams are a representation of you, solve your goal, and that dream will stop.

    (Or forget about that goal, they’ll stop either way)

  9. Steps can represent a pathway which is elevating you in life or downward depending on which way you are going. When steps are missing in a stair case it means there is bit of knowlegde or wisdom or instruction missing which would allow you to place your foot firmly. Having a to jump an obstacle or swing means you have to to things the hard way or an alternate way which is not easy

  10. According to Dreamcrowd:

    To see a staircase in your dream, symbolizes change and transformation.

    Try posting your dream on Dreamcrowd for a free interpretation.

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