Are soul mates and kindred spirits on in the same?

My boyfriend and i were talking and he said that soul mates find each other in life and kindred spirits follow each other in death. he said that they were 2 sides to the same coin. he said that we were kindred spirits, so does that mean hes saying we are soul mates? im really confused.

3 thoughts on “Are soul mates and kindred spirits on in the same?

  1. lol the two sides of the coin are you, and him. since your in the same coin, then that means you belong together. and yes, that means your soul mates ♥

  2. Who gives a flip flop? Are you guys getting along? Is he mature enough to take care of you and protect you (he doesn’t sound like it but it’s your decision)? There is no perfect relationship out there and you goto work hard for anything worth while. So give up the entire soul mate crazy ass spirit theory and enjoy the actual relationship!

  3. OK, an answer from a man: My wife of 44 years and I are soul mates, my best friend of 50 years and I are kindred spirits.

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