25 thoughts on ““Each friend represents a world in us, a world..” -Anais Nin

  1. and u will ALWAYS b very important 2me… no matter what u Think’ =) lol

  2. Flybreath – love sharing this with Special Friends its an amazing clip, and the words are so Poignant.

  3. ohhh – sent for my birthday – so perfect – thank you dear rockchick 🙂 – such deeply true words for you and I

  4. L’amicizia crea fratellanza e disperde la violenza che affligge il pianeta! Slendida !!

  5. WOW!!! I had to hear this again and save to my favs. Love it!!!

  6. What a wonderful video and poem. Please more poem vids. All the stars for you and your gift of song, words and for your perfect eyes, smile & hair. Many Smiles 🙂 xE

  7. Oh I love this line! As a poet, I find that a line from a poem can convey a spiritual and emotional reality that cuts right to our gut and our heart. Thank you for posting this!

  8. That’s so beautiful Tey! Love that quote. I wish you could do more videos like this too besides your singing. I would love to hear you read poetry and quotes. You have such a beauiful speaking voice,calming and relaxing.
    You’re precious! :))

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