Nine Orders of Angels

Nine Orders of Angels. Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels

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  1. Do any of you commenting down here no what you are writing about? The soul does not die………………… Do any of you know the true meaning and difference between the spirit and the soul?
    If you don’t then i pity you because satan does know the difference and he now knows who truly believes and who has been blindend. Wake up or carry on sleeping.

  2. man becomes a messenger of God by annointing him by biblical prophecies. The holy spirit of God united or dwells in him, and the mysteries of God revealed to him, then was the start of his ministries, preaching the word of God. Thats why the bible called man as His angel or His messengers

  3. according to the bible, the spirit has no flesh and bones, thats why it has no form. But angels have a power to form like us, like humans if they want to communicate with us, especially when God sends them to bring a good news or messages or to warn us humans.

  4. @darkdavegmail truly, humans have spirit.bcoz man has 3 components, body, soul and spirit. the body turns to dust, the soul dies, and the spirit returns to God. But there’s a difference in between the spirit of man and in angels. the angels are spirit in nature, while the spirit of man is his mind and his thought.

  5. Angels like human beings are spirits. But human beings have their spirits in the flesh of man and their spirits were created inside their flesh. Angels on the other hand are older than us but they also take human form when they want to. Some of them may even be born inside human flesh so they grow up with us pretending to be human. So there are 2 kinds of Angels, the invisible ones that are just spirits.And the other ones pozzessing the body of a human being. It is nature as well as “authority”.

  6. @Near0503 are you say they can’t show themselves to us because they lack the power to do so, or they have been ordered not to?…im confused …they can’t or they wont?…And, where did you read this?

  7. Angel means “angelos” from greek, meaning “messenger o God”. Even man called angels if he was sent or a messenger of God. Angel is not nature it means authority.

  8. Angels actually and demons actually make up about 25% of the Earth’s “human” population. These thrones and that you refer to are actually leaders of countries such as Russia running “angelic countries” to dicipline human ones such as Israel and hybrid ones such as U.S.A.

  9. @guidoyngwie u are the one that needs to read more angels from what i have read cannot show themselves to us.

  10. @dropspin5678 lol …how is it that we are perfecting his waging war.?.killing our neighbors?..raping children?.. indulging every vice we crave..whether is sex. drugs..stealing….how are we perfecting his creation? ..i don’t get it

  11. @Mintee94 read my reply to crystaxluna…indeed an apparison from these being could be quite shocking in fact John the one who wrote the Revelations ..was quite taken by them as well..but he was streghtened by their touch..and if you ever encounter one the only thing will be damaging will be your eyes since by their light..our eyes are acostumed to darkness..

  12. @madara0513 Angels can visit fact chances are you’ve met some of them already but you never noticed…read more

  13. @Crystaxluna they’re not scary..what you read was a poetic description..every sign has a meaning for instance the 4 heads might reflect knowledge, the 4 wings power..and so forth ..if you read this passages with your mind you will interpret it in human terms..

  14. God created His angels to be is messengers..They are powerful, powerful beings.
    Crystaxluna is right… If an angel apeared infront of us in original form.. We’ll all be put in the looney bin! Because to us they would look like stuff out of nightmares! But to God… they are beautiful! Who are we to determine what is beautiful or not??

  15. i do not believe that an angel can vist someone on earth or of the living. angels are said to be trapped were we cannot go till we are Dead.

  16. What is the name of the song ???? It so relaxing …. Bless Jesus Christ that died for our sins and Bless the elect angels that follow the Lord and Master and not like the other angels that refused to be with the 1 and holy God !

  17. Cherubim are not small babies.. they are in art, but in the bible they have 4 heads, each of a different beast, 4 wings, and are quite scary. Not cute..

  18. do not let you be abused by any indoctrination the spirit of human is free

  19. Sometime an Angel can be someone you see for the first and the last time.
    It is very interesting how the sacred text speak about Angel.
    Thanx for sharing your video !!!!

  20. @Jerseygirl8999 They keep in their safes hidden texts of the ancient to blind us from the truth. The bible is a library not a book. You can choose to read any book from it..but be carefull which one you choose.

  21. @Jerseygirl8999 IN SOME TEXTS OF THE BIBLE IT WRITES ABOUT GOODNESS OF GOD BUT IN SOME HE WAGES US TO NOT DO BAD THINGS OR HE WILL TAKE HIS REVENGE ON US AND WILL OBLITARATE US..thats the diffrence between the Apostols texts who really sought of JESUS’S teachings and the FAKE super power : the Vatican’s texts (Satanists).

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