How exacly does Karma work if you make a joke?

So if you make a joke like calling someone an “idiot” but you don’t actually mean it and you tell then that you don’t mean it. Do you still get bad Karma?

5 thoughts on “How exacly does Karma work if you make a joke?

  1. I doubt it
    Karma would take effect on the intent

    if we step on an ant , because we didnt see it … would we suffer because of it ?
    I dont think so

  2. Yes because they don’t know it’s a joke when you are telling it. By the time you tell them it’s just a joke karma has already set in>_<

  3. Then Karma will work according to this rule –
    ”To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction”.

  4. Karma, is basically doing something that either harms or helps and you causing something to harm or help yourself in return. When you harm, you penalize yourself and when you help, you reward yourself. Individuals that are honestly happy and doing really good in life cause the most amount of good effects and least amount of harmful effects. Some individuals fake happiness, a car salesman’s fake smile, and are really miserable. There are no accidents. When you walk out into traffic without looking and get hit by a car? You caused that to happen. When you just happen to be right in front of that Pro Athlete and get an autograph? You made that happen…
    Innocent joking around usually causes no harm. Beings are naturally kinda mischievous at times anyway…

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