Chinese Astrology Symbols: Their Meaning Unveiled

For many centuries the people of China have relied on ancient Chinese astrology symbols to represent their horoscopes.

Chinese astrology uses the twelve animals of the horoscope to help them guide people to their chosen destiny. The symbols work along with the sun and the moon in order to serve as a representation of human culture.

The symbols

The story behind the symbols states that the ancient gods held a race with every animal on earth represented. At the end of the race there were twelve animals left standing and they were said to be the best and the strongest. Those animals are now used to represent Chinese astrology.

Rat: This symbol was shared by ancient emperors. They can be mean or show cruelty to those who provoke them and also have a dangerous side.

Ox: Anyone who holds this symbol is likely to be someone who is kindhearted in nature.

Tiger: One of the best friends that you can have is anyone who shares this symbol. They fight hard to maintain lasting friendships.

Rabbit: Many political figures hold this symbol. They enjoy solving critical problems and dislike any type of surprise in their lives.

Dragon: The strongest Chinese symbol is that of the dragon. They symbolize strength and intelligence.

Snake: Known for being wise, the snake symbol represents someone who cares a lot about physical appearance. They adapt well to change and love new things.

Horse: The horse is said to be courageous and defensive at the same time. The people sharing this astrological symbol tend to be easily offended for what seems to be no just cause.

Sheep: These artistic creatures tend to care about the world around them and are easily hurt by any sort of negativity.

Monkey: The people holding this spot are the scientists and doctors. Control is their strongest trait and they feel that they need to have it at all times.

Rooster: These people are not happy unless they can be at the center of everyone’s attention.

Dog: These people are the most patient of all the signs. People are very drawn to their positive attitude.

Pig: The pig does not like to be in congested areas and enjoy the freedom that the rural areas offer them.

Along with the twelve symbols Chinese astrology uses the Yin and Yang to maintain harmony and the elements of the earth to magically divide the astrology cycle. All of this together is said to bring peace and harmony into your life.

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