Could all polytheistic ancient religions to be based on the fallen angels?

Ancient Greek 12 gods, could be some of the angels that fell and they give birth to the giants, what is called in the bible nephilim.
At the ancient greek history it is mentioned about giants, and super humans.
Also other gods too , might be from the fallen angels, before the flood, like egyptian gods, or the Scandinavian gods.
It can make sense, because the people back then they weren’t that stupid, they did based all these different religions on something.
And all have characteristics that it can be true.

7 thoughts on “Could all polytheistic ancient religions to be based on the fallen angels?

  1. you realise that some of these religions existed before any bible was even written ?

  2. Where are the skeletons of these giants? they are not there. they do not, and never have existed.

  3. If by fallen angels you mean con artists that got laid and lots of admiration for saying they were gods, who’s son’s were god/men and whose movements created all sorts of violence, then yes.

  4. Those who have fallen shall rise to conquer that which has been spoken in an evil vain. Not untoward that which has risen will there be retribution for those that have taken the liberty of denouncing the sinner who have partaken of the flower of Eden! Lie not in the garden that warms you but in the forest where thou seek forgiveness for this alone is the salvation of the beholder!

  5. No, most of them pre-date monotheistic conceptions of angels. 🙂 However, you will find that monotheistic religions like Christianity turned some of our gods and goddesses into their version of angels, demons, saints, etc. in order to shore up their own theology and make the older religions seem “bad.”

    Those ancient religions are being revived, and have modern followers. 🙂

  6. Yes. 214 fallen angels decided – under guidance of samzayah – to rebel against the due purpose of their existence, mingled with man’s daughters and the nefilim were born. Later on, these also gave birth to the giborim – the giants – and reality and Legend began.

    There a little truth in any lie. But there can not be truth in any lie. The book of Enoch gives names, purpose and responsibility to all these entities. These are the ones that belong to those coming back to earth to finnish what they started. Soon.

    Part of their deeds were monsters, mixing of different species and the teachings of weaponry, medicines and technology that mankind used since. If you think the “inbreeding- of species is something new, think again. Why do you think Jehovah ordered the annihilation of all Canaanites and their possession? They carried their DNA trough Noah and his concubine through Ham’s line.

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