James Randi and the Cottingley Fairies

James Randi explains the Cottingley Fairies. More information from the JREF site here: www.randi.org

25 thoughts on “James Randi and the Cottingley Fairies

  1. @flossy100

    You have issues. The photos ARE the same ones that convinced Doyle. He showed copies of them in his book “The Coming of the Fairies” and in “The Strand” magazine in which his commentary was posted. Grab some reality please.

  2. @KCKatheist please see an exchange between gallery118 and myself a year ago just a few comments down.

  3. @flossy100 Are you suggesting fairies actually exist and were photographed?
    To what public outcry do you refer? Are you an idiot, or just bored and trolling?

  4. The original photographs were not of pretty fairies dancing but something more macabre.

  5. @flossy100 That`s weird, because the “success” of the story, relied exactly on that: on showing the photos to everyone

  6. The fairy photographs here are NOT the original ones that convinced Conan Doyle they were genuine. The original ones have not been shown to the public. These obviously fakes ones were created by the authorities to calm the public outcry.

  7. thats ridiculous they might have been just dancing and not using their wings but come on who would fool for this they look as fake as hell I know they fooled a lot of people i’m surprised Randi bothered with this one. i’m a Randi fan by the way

  8. Fanatics typically cannot distinguish between their perosnal view, and an objective one. O’Hair may have personally wanted rid of religion, but she only campaigned for the legal stopping of all children being made to pray to the Christian god. She did not, as many allege, try to stop prayer in school.

    I take your second point, though I would say that you could be just as anti-religious, and stil believe in a god.

    I still believe that there is no causal line between non-belief and action.

  9. @ Intiom: Madalyn Murray O’Hair comes to mind, though I recognize that may be contentious. Or if you’re looking for a more broadly ‘hypothetical’ example, it’s plausible that there be at least one atheist who thinks that religion is the source of all evil and therefore Christians should be banished from the country or something of the like. Whether or not one group is more fanatical than another doesn’t mean that for any belief there cannot be fanaticism.

  10. @masterblackthorn “It truly is fanaticism that is destroying this World.. the Atheistic or the religious kind.”

    What would be an example of atheistic fanatacism?

  11. It truly is fanaticism that is destroying this World.. the Atheistic or the religious kind. The trouble with Captain Ahab was that he never thought it through. What was his purpose for living going to be after he killed his Whale ? Leave a little room in your lives for doubt ..

  12. I conceeded the point regarding Randi’s motives… perhaps it would be better if you lot were not so fanatical in your point of view. you have no proof that the world of spirit does not underpin our lives .. just as I have no proof it does. People have a right to religious belief.. just as you have a right to deny it . Or don’t you believe in freedom of thought either ?

  13. and every other religion in fact, no need to target a specific one

  14. You both make very good points.. and yes you are right he is not against imagination but irrational belief. The trouble with that is .. that the world will always be full of feeble minds all too read to believe rubbish. The Taliban being one lot.

  15. well its more like devoting your life to critical thinking, not imagination-lessness

  16. masterblackthorn No, that was the problem. Many many people thought it was real. It was never something for imagination. Some people canĀ“t separate imagination from reality

  17. There is something extremely sad about this man.. his who life seems to a relentless crusade against the imagination of humanity. Of course its most likely a party trick .. with a camera.. but he misses the point completely. Einstein with his his pragmatism and analytical mind understood when he said ” The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.. I is the source of all Art and Science. Just take it for what it is James a beautiful fairy story .. we already new it was a fake.

  18. she was 16 at this time. not 9. and francis was around eleven. elsie worked with a photograph at this time.

  19. To anyone who reads these messeges, could you please tell mr. randi that I’ve been waiting for a response. it’s time for me to put a stop in all this nonsense about fake psychics. I’m real and I know of and elder who came before me and he is real too. I am impervious to illness and I say that If You want the proof, it’s right here trying to slap you in the face for ignoring it. I’m willing to bet my life against his Million, in my opinion the stakes couldn’t be higher.

  20. A couple of things not mentioned here: the fairy at 0:07 drew particular suspicion for it’s contemporary appearance – fashionable dress, Parisian-style hairdo etc. Also, the 9yr old Elsie was a fairly good artist and painted pictures of fairies frequently. Both of these also helped give the game away.

  21. I have never met a skeptic that matches your description.

    Skeptics simply demand evidence for things which others might take for granted. I don’t deny that there may be intelligent life on other planets. In fact it is one of my fondest wishes that we’ll make first contact with one or more of those races within my lifetime. Having said that, I have seen no evidence that unambiguously and definitively proves that intelligent extraterrestrials actually exist.

    Do you see the difference?

  22. And with 10 seconds exposure time, they held their posture perfectly on their toes?

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