Remote Viewing via Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection

Remote Viewing via Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection. Is it possible to remote view from a lucid dream or an Astral Projection? By More info

25 thoughts on “Remote Viewing via Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection

  1. Tonight I’m gonna try to remote view neurosoup girl while she’s in the shower!

  2. Everyone is entitled to his/her own beliefs, but with so little credible evidence supporting it, I’m not sure there’s much of a reason to believe in remote viewing/astral projection beyond blind faith and vain hoping.

  3. Remote viewing is how ingo swan (I believe he’s the creator of a remote viewing technique) allegedly found some bases on the moon.

  4. Yo yo yo yo, I’ll connect with your ass to remote view in my waking state. Once it happened, I perceived you eating yogurt. Its so boring though.

  5. A real-time projection, very easily attained if you meditate an hour or so after waking up, is basically a free-range remote viewing session. I’m not completely sure how to control it or anything, and it only seems to happen spontaneously for me. RV and AP are very, very similar. I’ve tried RV (Ed Dames method) with pretty good results. An awesome AP book is Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, also teaches energy raising and stuff like that… Great video 🙂

  6. Awesome!!!….I don’t even use chemical substances…but still fling all over the galaxy…..spatially and temporally!!!

  7. i used to do it with no drugs what so ever. but now i have a tiredsom time doing it.
    i dont need drugs, but i need 2 get wery tired.
    not that drugs cant help!
    sorry for my english

    i do think you have to work for it..

    whit or without drugs

    take our time


  8. (I apologize if this gets posted more than once, youtube comments is being a bitch.)

    Ingo Swann is known as the most famous Remote Viewing practitioner.

    A military manual was created that credits him as the author though he denies ever having written a manual.

    It is called the Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual or Controlled Remote Viewing Manual.

    The filename is CRVManual_FiredocsRV, it is a pdf, and it is available on a site called firedocs.

  9. Neurosoup,

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    ( Sorry, if this is a bit out of Scope )

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  10. i think remote viewing is not leaving your body to see whats happening afar and astral projection is leaving your body and placing your consciousness into the astral plane and floating to the destination to see whats happening afar.

    For example, if you had a gimp mask and whip in laying on your bedside table i would be able to report back that you did using remote viewing or astral projection. I would have thought remote viewing is safer.
    whether pain is dulled i would expect so in an OBE

  11. oh, and theres no doubt the government have had programs on this kind of stuff. You can bet all kind of ‘research’ is going on especially on the ouija board and the occult.
    It’s a fact they use psychics to catch villains / murderers etc but you don’t have to be a psychic to know i fancy this woman bad.
    Last week i was remote viewing with some danish chick for £2.99 a minute (ok thats a joke i have a malfunction, was actually £3.99 – again still kidding – i don’t pay lol)

  12. As was the fashion back in the 80’s for the blokes , i had my left ear pierced.
    After that happened i truly felt that i lost some kind of inner spiritual power.
    might sound a bit crazy but i’m 100% sure about it…. anyhow…

    its pretty scary lucid dreaming and astral projecting. you should mention the dangers though about leaving your body unoccupied, there is talk about spirits entering the body while u are ‘away’.
    you can help to safeguard against it though so i’ve heard.

  13. I have no clue what the hell remote viewing is. Although if you are talking about meditation without sleeping but reaching a point of no pain similar to deep sleep, that is possible. But the physical world usually gets in the way of your brain reaching that point because of the physical distractions.

  14. Remote viewing is emotionally based.
    Good for loved ones, loved things, etc.
    The CIA canned most of it because emotional connectivity useless for them. Its reliable results were useless for them.

  15. Hey Neuro soup do you stream Coast to Coast ? George Norrie Always has guests on who are experts on on the subject. including people who worked in govt. programs

  16. lol! well i RV’d This reply while i was meditating. I also happened to see Jesus nailied on the cross and i went into the future too! CRAZY stuff happens, oh man! Can’t wait!

  17. If only, if only..LOL. I cant afford a vacation…never had one…probably never will!
    Oh well thats what mushrooms are for..hehe.

  18. I have done remote viewing without trying before, and I wasnt on anything. I was also much younger than I am now. I remembered seeing a certain somebody doing something. I asked them about it and they HAD been doing that that night while I slept.

  19. I agree with tobad4ya.

    I think you’re really smart, Neurosoup, but all this New Age-talk really puts me off. I know that psychonauts like yourself are generally into this stuff but I think you’re better than that.

    Sorry if that sounded harsh but that’s what I feel…

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