Seven Spiritual Laws of Success from The Chopra Center

Deepak Chopra and Olivia Newton-John discuss how to apply the principles of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success into your daily life. These Seven Laws are the basis for all of the teachings at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

25 thoughts on “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success from The Chopra Center

  1. Click on my link for a guidebook on how to accelerate brain evolution and have a genuine spiritual experience. It also contains a powerful prophecy & sociopolitical commentary. It is based on a book in verse channeled from the Cosmic Mind by the guy who introduced Kundalini to the West, Gopi Krishna.

  2. aires300077339… You and the likes of you who thumbed you up being a follower/product of Deepak, your fruit is rotton. You need something far more than the mental gymnastics Deepak is selling you.

  3. Man-made religion is, well, man-made!

    “The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly corrupt: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

  4. Deepak Chopra is a genuine spiritual man who does a good deal o good for the planet & the humans who inhabit her. I met him a few years ago and he is humble and real. He signed a book of his that I bought!

  5. I usually take things I like and through away the rest when I see things. This video may not be completely congruent with what I belive, but it has some components in it thats nice, don´t you think?

  6. Check out The Wonders, a collective consiousness channeled by deep trance channeler Rene Gaudette.

  7. Interesting how many spiritual gurus dont actually teach people how to have religious experence in a realistic way.

  8. Please stop complaining about Deepak . At least his not A liar Christian Piece of Garbage on the TBC. God I’m so sick of those fricks begging for money for JESUS CRAP . Please don’t complain about this man and what he did with this video dude are you kidding me his a saint . MAN !

    A burger king meal is probably the most complete meal(in the fast food genre) that I’ve ever eaten.

    Fast food and Human development books are impure.

    If you want more complete purity you should read the books that are the source of most of what chopra says.
    The vedic literature like the Bhagavad Gita and Srila Prabhupada’s books.

    Its that same as getting more complete purity in water, you go higher to the source.

  10. @jdmx3 LOL yeah these videos are so materialistic, they focus on the material emotions like the video clips of the lady seeing a random mystical structure with energy in it, or the guy having coffee(posion) checking out some lady. And the guy getting ready to go to work feeling better as if karmi work isnt the problem in the first place. Completly backwards, teaching 7 spiritual laws of success instead of teaching 7 ways to successfully strengthen your spirit.HE’S PUTTING SUCCESS ABOVE SPIRIT

  11. i like how they really just tried to tie positive energy in with f***ing money

  12. Chopra’s 7 spiritual laws of success is perhaps the most complete book (in the human development genre)that I’ve ever read.

  13. Mr Chopra is just a human being who is experiencing sensations of the brain, and tries to manipulate us with his frequencies of “thoughts” that are inflamed by his super-ego… As a young American growing up, we did everything that has possibilities and we are a nation that take risks and enjoyed success both spiritually and physically, and we do not want Chopra to tell us what it is like.

  14. The book is so much better than this. Depak should have stared in the film himself and Olivia should have let herself age naturally.

  15. The music on this vid is quite loud and it is difficult to make out what Chopra is saying.

  16. Very intelligent man, transcends much of our ingrained thinking and proposes new solutions toward every day events… one word = brilliant.

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  18. the seven spiritual laws of success is a truly great book – perhaps Chopra’s best. If I was limited to owning only one book as a guide (or more correctly, a reminder)it would be this one. Thanks Deepak

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