What is Art?

This is a video I made for a class that answers the question “where do we draw the line between what is and isn’t art?”

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  1. Art is something done so well that it expands our consiousness. Art makes us think and evokes the human spirit. Everything else that is seen as functional generaly is not art.

  2. Something is art if it has prompts an emotion, a memory or a discussion, so many people may hate the idea of a urinal, but if someone walks into a gallery and laughs instantly the artist is fulfilled.

  3. Response to “TheOeaf:”

    Art may not be everything, but it can be anything…


  4. sure you can put a urinal in an art gallery and call it art. why not? the real question is whether or not it’s good art, and if people say they like it better than an amazing painting because that’s how they actually feel or whether they’re just saying it because they think somehow they’re being ‘open-minded’ and ‘edgy’ when, in reality they’re just being pretentious pricks.

  5. (continuation to my previous posts)
    -art does not have to be creative in my opinion. As long as it’s thought, it is art. As long as it surprises, shocks, reassures (or any other reaction, or even none if the goal of the piece of art is to have no reaction), the idea is no longer only yours but also becomes universal. -Art is immortal and completes the creator. So can art be the traces/works of a man that will always remain in the world even if that person dies? I think art can be seen that way..

  6. (continuation to my previous post)
    -but then if it’s someone who creates something (and that thing is the idea of someone else, which means that the guy making the thing creates “like a machine”) if that person creates without putting any reflexion in the work, then I wouldn’t call that art. But if that person creates (even if he creates 100 of the same things) and puts his mind/heart/reflexion/conscience in them, then I’d call these objects art (for these people)

  7. now I’m not saying it’s this, but in my opinion, art can be:
    -the exteriorizing of an idea so that it reaches one of our five senses (so it suggests that it is something created)
    -but then if something created is considered art, does it mean that a thousand same pens created by a machine is art? For me, no, cause it’s a machine that is doing the work to create…but for the one who had the idea to create a pen, the production of the pen is art.

  8. @dbarii I dont disagree with your thoughts and this is how I see art: Art is the way we express a feeling or an idea through any medium, creativity helps to communicate that feeling or idea in a more interesting or pleasing manner, there for the more creativity the better the end result and it helps to practice so that u can master the tools u decide to use

  9. @dbarii So even though it was offensive to some, it was
    nonetheless a piece of art cause stimulated peoples feelings and ideas, it had creativity and the artist also mastered his tools because I saw it and it was very well made. I believe that if 2 artist have the same amount of creativity but one is better at using his tools, then that artist will have a better chance at being more popular.

  10. @dbarii I don’t think they found out who did it but it certainly
    stimulated feelings even in those that did not liked or agree with way the artist decided to express his idea and feelings.

  11. @dbarii and a young lady on the floor with all her clothe ripped, suggesting
    she was raped and therefor leading u to under stand man like that should be punished, it made news and it was removed

  12. @dbarii There are some art pieces I don’t agree with, but yet I see how it could be art. I used to work at Santa Monica and there was an abandoned building were an artist decided to create a live size paper mache sculpture where a man was hanging
    by its testicles

  13. @dbarii Now, just because we don’t like something it doesn’t mean is not art. I guess the creativeness of the artist will tell how much the piece would be liked and of course how well he uses his tools.

  14. @dbarii agree with u but not with lowerbunk as I feel that not anything could b art. The artist that made that artistic urinal had a point he was trying to get across unlike the urinals u find in most restaurants that are only trying to serve the purpose of retrieving ur urine and not trying to get a point across or stimulate any kind of feeling or idea. That line in the beginning is not art unless it communicated something through its title, cause a line does not express anything

  15. now that i think about it actually, the video states that the definition of art is: the expression of creativity, imagination, or both. I agree with this definition, but only to a certain extent. with this said my personal definition of art is: what one determines and interprets as the expression of creativity, imagination, or both. in others words, art is one of those things that is different to everyone, there is never an exact definition to the word, much like what i said about life

  16. also if anyone disagrees with my comment below then please debate it with me, im hungry for knowledge and want to learn. so if u find illogical things in my comment then please tell me and explain. thank you all 🙂

  17. to me, this is like asking the question: what is the meaning of life? its an unanswerable question, much like: what is art? u cant say everything is art because that would be contradictory with the fact that if u called everything art then art itself wouldn’t exist. i could spit on the ground with no meaning or feeling and call it art and it would be true, because everything would be art, right? i think instead of questioning art, just create and be creative, dont question life, just live

  18. @SLICKRICKDESIGNS ah another great mind in interpretation:) i support your notion, great minds think alike! 🙂

  19. Art is the way we express a feeling or an idea through any medium, creativity helps to communicate that feeling or idea in a more interesting or pleasing manner, there for the more creativity the better the end result and it helps to practice so that u can master the tools u decide to use

  20. One questión for you video maker: Is nature art?

    You are using Aristotels final causation here to determine art. If you use this for everything, then it would take you to belive that the world, plants, rocks, stars, are made by someone: God. Therefor, even those thinks that man never imagined are still art. So: Do we need to draw the line? Yes, for the concept itselff to be understodd it would need another concept (lines drawn) to be diferentiated from.

    what do i think0?

  21. It’s different for everyone, but people have a line drawn or art means nothing to them.
    If everything is art, then nothing is art.
    If everything is special, nothing is special.
    Like if every other person on earth is your friend on facebook, what exactly is a facebook friend worth to you? Discrimination is part of the equation.
    My idea of art and yours may be different, since if we both care about art we will likely disagree.

  22. by the way, what i meant with “you can even make them better”, is that if you look at movies for example, they get more realistic and you can thanks to computergraphics, bla bla, do the most amazing things… to me this IS science and development… i could write on for weeks, but i’m tired now 🙂

  23. anyway if i knew it… in art there are also experiments… it’s not different, OR it is if you think that masturbating(bad word for this, i know!!) on a canvas is making art, of course, by chance you could make some art, but i wouldn’t bet… so whatevah, i don’t call this “let’s do something, cause i don’t know anything better to do, and i don’t know what i’m doing” – act art… greetz!

  24. its very very well recreatable… at the time of van gogh, da vinci, raphael, etc. there were many artist who at this time did the same, and maybe sold better or even were better artists, but after all this time this first called just sold better and were remembered… back to medicin, if you recreate penicilin nowadays, you are lame and boring, it’s the same with art, if you paint expressionistic, you are boring, developing is the key, and for THAT, i don’t know any formula, would be boring

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