Wiccan Dance – Loreena-Mckennitt

When in the springtime of the year When the trees are crowned with leaves When the ash and oak, and the birch and yew Are dressed in ribbons fair When the owls call the breathless moon In the blue veil of the night The shadows of the trees appear Amidst the lantern lights [chorus] We’ve been rambling all the night And sometime of this day Now returning back again We bring a garland gay Who will go down to those shady groves And summon the shadows there And tie a ribbon on those sheltering arms In the springtime of the year The songs of birds seem to fill the wood That when the fiddler plays All their voices can be heard Long past the woodland days [chorus] And so they linked their hands and danced Round in circles and in rows And so the journey of the night descends When all the shades are gone “A garland gay we bring you here And at your door we stand It is a sprout well budded out The work of our lord’s hand”

22 thoughts on “Wiccan Dance – Loreena-Mckennitt

  1. This is my first year in this path and in that time I have never heard nothing this beautiful, I cryed it is simply Beautiful!

    Blessed Be!

  2. Mummer’s aren’t Pagans, Mummers were an ancient type of acting troupe, they’d go door to door, dancing and singing for food/money/lodging. This song is also called ‘The Mummer’s Dance.’, though it does come off as pagan, it’s talking about the ancient tradition of the Mummer..

  3. yea, but if u look the wccan dance it will show u this one too…it has 2 names xD

  4. Mummers, wiccans going out to the woods to welcome spring to dance with garlan gays on their heads! Such a witchy thing to do!!! Love the Goddess Loreena!!!

  5. i feel so calm and relaxed evertime i hear this beautiful song nice job on the vid
    blessed be )O(

  6. Wow – brilliant! Especially love the visual 2:06 to 2:14. Yule blessings )O(

  7. Hitsi oot hienosti tehnyt ton videon tohon biisiin sydän syrjällään auts<3 Aivan MAHTAVA<3 Kiitos siitä sulle<3 ota mut kaveriksi vaikka en paljon kerkee olemaan täällä. Otathan<3?

  8. I was looking for a Celtic fiddler who did ‘The March of Galbraith’ and stumbled upon this song. Really good job on the visuals, and the song is rather ‘haunting’ in one sense and the imagery of the music truly fits. Ta All

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