Woodland Fairy Acres Leads Specialty Food Industry With Unique Line Of Floral & Tea-Infused Marshmallow Mixes

When specialty food retailer, Woodland Fairy Acres, sets out to create a new line of products, it seems only natural for the company to deviate from convention.  This relative newcomer to the specialty food industry has already produced an extensive line of Old World Floral Scone Mixes and recently launched The Mistletoe Fairy’s Peppermint Kiss Holiday Marshmallow Mix.  It shouldn’t come as any surprise then, that Woodland Fairy Acres now leads the industry with its unique line of Floral & Tea-Infused Marshmallow Mixes.  This remarkable selection of 12 artisanal marshmallow mixes is produced and retailed exclusively by Woodland Fairy Acres.

The Art of Making Fine Marshmallows Comes Home

Largely commercially made and mass-produced within the United States, the marshmallow has nonetheless enjoyed a certain mystique and unique reverence unlike any other confection consumed by Americans.  “I am all too familiar with this country’s well-established affinity for marshmallows,” smiles Deanne Birchall, Co-Founder and President of Woodland Fairy Acres.  “Though the confection as we know it today was created by the French over 150 years ago, we still consider the marshmallow as American as apple pie.”

In early 2009, Woodland Fairy Acres’ original plan was to release a line of “artisanal floral marshmallows in 6 beautifully fragrant flavors, all handmade to order and elegantly gift-packaged,” says Birchall.  “But, that plan didn’t last long…” she smiles, shaking her head.  A more uniquely romantic idea soon presented itself.  “I wanted to share my own affection for handmade marshmallows, which I especially adore, but in a very unique way.  And then, it came to me…  Why not let the home cook experience the pleasure and satisfaction of making his/her own artisanal marshmallows?  After all,” reasoned Birchall, “releasing a line of marshmallow mixes would dispel this notion that making beautifully flavored, handmade marshmallows in the comfort of one’s own kitchen was an impossibility, or at the very least, a result of having too much time on one’s hands.”  And so, the specialty food retailer tossed convention out the window once again…

Think you’re too much of a novice in the kitchen – or too grown up – to enjoy making and eating your own handmade marshmallows?  Think again…  These marshmallow mixes combine the perfect balance of fine ingredients, simplicity of process and confidence, while adding a touch of beauty and sophistication to the dessert table.  Woodland Fairy Acres’ romantic, yet whimsical, Floral & Tea-Infused Marshmallow Mixes will make you want to deviate from convention too.

One cannot help but notice how delighted Birchall is with these latest creations.  Her passion for everything beautiful and romantic is undeniably intertwined with every product that Woodland Fairy Acres creates.

“Our Floral Marshmallow Mixes bring a certain romantic charm and beauty into the home kitchen, by way of the dessert table.  Six of the most cherished and fragrant edible flowers from across the globe are used as ingredients in our products.  Our culinary floral syrups and flower water are all lovingly and meticulously produced by award-winning and renowned French artisans.”  Birchall continues, “Our Tea-Infused Marshmallow Mixes, on the other hand, add a touch of complexity and sophistication to the dessert palette.  Our award-winning master tea blender from North America, first imports what is considered to be some of the finest-quality loose leaf teas from around the world, then custom crafts and hand blends these teas into our 6 beautifully fragrant floral, spice and fruit tea blends.” 

The result?  Birchall smiles, giddy with excitement, “Beautifully flavored, handmade marshmallows effortlessly made in the comfort of one’s own kitchen.  With our Floral & Tea-Infused Marshmallow Mixes, the home kitchen joins the ranks of luxe Parisian restaurants, romantic French patisseries and niche American confectioners in the art of making fine marshmallows.”

Made with ingredients of the highest quality such as pure cane sugar, corn syrup solids, unflavored bloom gelatin, French floral syrups and flower water, and premium loose leaf tea blends, Woodland Fairy Acres’ floral and tea-infused marshmallows are also remarkably delicate and pillowy soft – and sure to dispel any conventional notions one may have concerning this much loved confection. 

Charming Dessert Fare for Special Occasions or Your Own Personal Luxury

As an added complement to the dessert table, Woodland Fairy Acres also recommends a beautiful assortment of beverage pairings with each Floral & Tea-Infused Marshmallow Mix.  Pale yellow Elderflower Tussie marshmallows are a charming complement to the bright citrus notes of lemonade or pink grapefruit punch…  An iced pitcher of strawberry punch and pink-hued Victorian Rose marshmallows make a lovely and timeless pairing…  Knight’s Black Orchid tea-infused marshmallows, vanilla-scented with hints of coffee, add sweet sophistication to chilled flutes of vanilla spritzers…  While Chinese Almond Cookie tea-infused marshmallows, reminiscent of toasted almonds with hints of caramel, pair nicely with the nutty fragrance and smooth texture of almond milk punch…  And, so on… 

While beautifully flavored on their own, Woodland Fairy Acres also notes which of its handmade marshmallows are positively ethereal when enveloped in a layer of one’s favorite unsweetened chocolate (such as, The Earl of Grey tea-infused marshmallows, suggestive of an exotic blend of chocolate and orange with hints of vanilla and cream). 

Whether these Floral & Tea-Infused Marshmallow Mixes are thoughtfully presented as a special gift or the marshmallows themselves are served as charming dessert fare, Woodland Fairy Acres’ handmade marshmallows will complement a variety of special occasions with beauty and grace.  From casual Spring-themed garden parties to formal Royal Afternoon Teas, elegant bridal and baby showers to traditionally-inspired christenings, cherished birthdays and anniversaries to joyous Mother’s Day celebrations…  These artisanal marshmallows are no less perfect for your own solitary romantic escape or those poignant “just because” moments between the two of you…

Each Floral & Tea-Infused Marshmallow Mix comes gift-packaged in a beautiful silver laminated gift bag with rope handle, lined with tissue and white hydrangea cellofilm, and adorned with an elegant Satin & Organza ribbon.  A matching color gift card and brief history of marshmallows, also accompany each gift bag.  Priced at $12.95, Woodland Fairy Acres’ Floral & Tea-Infused Marshmallow Mixes are “beautifully unique, all-occasion gifts for that someone special or your own personal luxury,” beams Birchall.  

The Simple Pleasures of Food and the Home Kitchen

“Our specialty food products are no less influenced by romance and beauty – with just a touch of whimsy – than by our passion for the uniquely edible,” smiles Birchall.  “We place few limits on ourselves when it comes to our imagination and what’s creatively possible in the specialty food industry.”  She adds, “Our philosophy has always been that, given the chance, food can be more than something that sustains us physically – more than a source of support, endurance and strength…  Food can transport the imagination and inspire in us all a desire to create for the enjoyment and pleasure of others, as well as ourselves.” 

Thoughtfully, Birchall continues, “There is a lot of enjoyment to be had in the comfort of one’s own kitchen.  It is the one room in the home that has this wonderful ‘grounding’ effect on both family and friends.  It’s a place where we seek comfort, pleasure, even solace.  Where imagination and creativity are welcomed and encouraged.  Where some of our happiest and earliest childhood memories are created.”  She smiles, “With the specialty food products we lovingly produce, we wish to bring our customers the wondrous experience of romance, beauty and hope, through the simple act of eating…  And, through eating something incredibly beautiful that we have helped our customers create for their own enjoyment and pleasure.”

Seeking to inspire romance, beauty and hope is certainly not a conventional approach to the specialty food industry.  But, then again, convention is not a word that would define Woodland Fairy Acres.  There is no doubt this specialty food retailer seeks immense enjoyment from creating its own niche in the vast specialty food and gift markets.  It should be no surprise, then, that Woodland Fairy Acres will continue to make its own indelible mark on the culinary world with its complete line of Old World Floral Scone Mixes and Floral, Tea-Infused & Holiday Marshmallow Mixes.   

For More Information

For more information or to purchase Woodland Fairy Acres’ Floral & Tea-Infused Marshmallow Mixes, please visit www.WoodlandFairyAcres.com.  All company products are shipped via FedEx throughout the continental United States.

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