Do we have more than one soul mate? Do we have soul mates?

I read once that happiness is not a 30 year marriage that isn’t working. I also had someone tell me at a young age that we have many soul mates. Sometimes I think people come into our lives at certain times and are good for us but as we grow we sometimes grow apart from that person. I guess maybe true love is when you grow with the other person. What do you guys things?

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  1. I agree with you people come into our lives at certain times and some times we do grow apart. I like to belive we all have a soul mate they are just hard to find so some times we have to be with a few people until we find our soul mate and the experiences we have help us to find our sould mates.

  2. I think everyone has a certain level of compatibility with one another. There is one person that everyone is most compatible with, or perfect for. There are lots of others who are very close, but not quite.

  3. It’s really hard to say. I would lean more towards the idea that our soul mate is just who we believe it is at the time. As we meet guys and fall in love we think they are our soul mates becuase they make us happy. But if the relationship goes sour we start feeling like we were wrong…then someone else comes along and the same thing happens…….and so on. another sinario is that you have a wonderful relationship with a man for years, and he suddenly dies, and you were sure he was your soul mate. Then another man comes along, and you fall in love, and he makes you just as happy as the other one did.

    I personally don’t know if there is a destiny, or lives are just a series of obsticles and randomness. But I do think that if you feel a connection with someone like no other, that would be soul mate…..and if you split up, there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel that way about anyone else. You can have as many soul mates as you feel.

  4. Why do you accept their is such thing as soul mate for everyone? Is their such thing as soul mate or is it we don’t want to feel lonely? We come into this world alone and we will leave it alone. Being with someone and not being with someone should not be a problem for us humans, but feeling lonely seems to be a dreadful thing to go through. Feeling lonely makes a person feel isolated and disconnected from the world and to be with someone only if for a moment or thirty years seems to push this feeling aside for awhile or momentarily. The question becomes, how come we feel so disconnected from things? To be related is to feel connected and if you are connected then you can be alone or with someone but not feel lonely. How are you to feel connected? You can try to connect yourself to activities, family and friends but this lonely is just pushed aside only for awhile.
    Why do you want someone to love you? Is it part of not wanting to feel lonely? Are we using this word, love to try to connect with others? Is their really such thing as love or is loving someone an idea like marriage. A word created by our own thinking to create a relationship with somone. Please, do not get angry for me asking these question because I think you need to ask this for yourself. This is why I am responding to this post. It is easy to accept what others have said about love and how you are supposed to live in society by getting married, having children, going on vacations and having as much fun before we die but have you ever question this stuff? Do you know what this stuff is put their for? It is for you to live a certain way, to create order in society but is that the way you should live? Does life demand that you get married, fall in love, in all the rest of this stuff? Question what society has put into you through all those years and find out for yourself if there is another way to live.

  5. I don’t think soulmates exist. Happiness is our choosing, and we do not have a predestined fate.

    We have to choose carefully, but if we do our homework and have to come to a realization about who we are and what can make us truly happy we will find someone to spend the rest of our lives with.

  6. one soul mate per person. soul mates only find each other when both souls’ inner, innate qualities are fully expressed, or nearly fully expressed, in the everyday world. only then can the actual souls’ vibes be string enough for the attraction to obtain, by definition in fact.

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