Esoteric Agenda FINAL Version 1/13

This is the official final release of Ben Stewarts groundbreaking 2008 documentary exposing the plans of the Elite. part 1 of 13

25 thoughts on “Esoteric Agenda FINAL Version 1/13

  1. @Olster81 Yes I do, and your right.. It’s called meta programming. A tool to reclaim the mind. It is intelligence squared, and to me its a beacon of light in a void of darkness. A journey in to “Plato’s Cave”.

  2. @MolecularSpirit: Do you speak this way to people in person? sounds like you enjoy a little programming of your own to me

  3. I love scientology; propaganda & truth all rolled into one. It does make for great entertainment. And then again so does a loud smelly fart.

  4. @jester7707 If you are using firefox (which you should) you can download an add on that is called download helper. from there you can download videos and music off of youtube and other websites.

  5. Can somo0ne please tell me were I can download this so I can show it to my family and friends.

  6. @prototype81 i just put esoteric. and esoteric agenda sounded like somthing he would name his album haha

  7. @MrFACK lol idiot. didnt the picture and title/description give you a clue?

  8. if it’s not an act of god (keep in mind that supernatural happening might be unexplained amazing truth or natual law)… if it’s not an act of god, it’s a conspiracy(an act of humans, which might still be god, which might still be a natural phenomenon or entity).

  9. @ 9.29 Sir John Dee is it.?? Head of Mi5. Well apparently that wasnt established until 1909…………..””””””the War Office and Admiralty agreed to jointly establish a Secret Service Bureau to coordinate intelligence work. Captain Vernon G.W. Kell of the South Staffordshire Regiment and Captain Mansfield Cumming of the Royal Navy were nominated to head the new Bureau, which was established in October 1909.”””””””””” ???? Im not being rude just confused !!

  10. @MolecularSpirit All observations are relative to your position in space/time. That doesn’t discredit all observation, it validates ALL of it. And you would just as soon await instrumental data confirming the evolution of our species?
    Well since you refuse to measure your own consciousness, I would point you towards the principles of “zero point” and “singularity”.

  11. @StarvingForTruth I think you would greatly enjoy any books or lectures by Robert Anton Wilson (Prometheus Rising). Your emotions are serving a purpose, you are not being subjected to them. Focus your attention to the cause rather than the effect.
    These pseudo sciences are trying to show you that you are creating your own reality, I am in heaven because nothing I see is void of God’s beauty. Many are in hell as they won’t allow themselves to see past their own dogmatic boundaries.

  12. @StarvingForTruth Cognitive Dissonance is when your Belief System (BS) is at odds with an experience you are having. There is no rush for you to come to conclusions about anything, or any group of people.
    But that’s exactly what you do when you simply accept the validity of one type of information over the other.

    Some see the sun as a choir of angels singing God’s glory, Other’s see it as a burning ball of gas, I see no contradiction. Nothing lost, something gained, perspective.

  13. @StarvingForTruth I agree that there are people speaking for this New Age thing who are questionable, but how does that threaten you in any way? I’ll tell you how.. You have been programmed to experience negative emotion when you experience ‘cognitive dissonance’. If you are feeling any negativity right now I would like to ask you to focus on your breathing and remember that your beliefs are based on experience, just like everybody else’s. There are different degree’s of proof.

  14. @StarvingForTruth If this film contradicts your belief system (BS) then you have every right to disagree. But your inherent distrust of your fellow man’s truth wreaks of dogma. You are stuck in a paradigm where your experiences are only able to validate your beliefs, instead of revealing what is beyond your perceived reality. Your frustration and impatience weaken only you, they are a byproduct of your confusion. Science in it’s original form was the application of ALL available knowledge.

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